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How Delivery Trucks Can Cause Accidents In Florida

With so many vehicles sharing the roadways in Florida, it is important to understand the risks you and your family may face every time you get in your vehicle. This includes cars and motorcycles as well as larger trucks, like delivery trucks.

Delivery Truck Accident Causes

Delivery truck collisions can occur for some of the many reasons other accidents occur. This could be driving while intoxicated, distracted driving, and traffic law violations. However, other challenges present themselves to delivery truck drivers that can also contribute to an accident.

• Sudden Stops: Delivery drivers are often on the lookout for addresses as they make their deliveries. This can result in sudden stops. When this happens, it is a recipe for a rear-end collision.

• Sudden Left Turns: When making deliveries, the driver may also find themselves in somewhat of a time crunch, meaning they are in more of a hurry than they should be. This can result in sudden left turns when passing the location instead of going around the block to make the turn safely.

• Backing Up: Like any other large truck, visibility isn’t as good for a delivery truck as for a smaller vehicle. It is much harder to see obstacles when backing up a delivery truck. This means a higher chance of backing into another vehicle or even a pedestrian.

• Failing to Use Parking Brake: Some accidents have also happened because the driver failed to use the parking brake. This has been the cause of many preventable accidents.

• Not Securing Loads: If the goods the truck is delivering are not secured, or the truck is overloaded, the driver of the delivery truck could potentially lose control. There is also the additional hazard of items possibly falling from the truck when in route. This can be a hazard for other drivers.

After a Delivery Truck Accident

If you were involved in a delivery truck accident, there are steps to follow to obtain fair settlement. These accidents often result in more aggressive litigation and may also require more evidence to prove liability.

Photograph the Scene

After the accident, photograph the scene or take a video. This includes taking photos of all the vehicles involved, the damage, and the street area where the accident happened. The photographs may prove to be significant evidence you need to prove your case and show that the delivery truck driver was at fault.

Gather Contact Information

After an accident, you want to gather the contact information from everyone involved in the accident, including any bystanders or witnesses. Collect their names, addresses, and insurance information. If there is an eyewitness, see if they would be willing to make a statement attesting to what they saw.

Don’t Admit Blame

No matter what, never admit any blame or fault after an accident. Never provide a recorded statement and refrain from talking about your injuries. Even a generalized comment in which you admit you are okay can be used against you after filing your claim. You could also have more serious injuries that have just not been presented yet.

Contact an Attorney

The next step is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who is well-versed in car accidents involving delivery trucks. Again, these cases can prove very complex and can include more than just one liable party.

An attorney will be on your side and can guide you through the process, making sure every step is followed. This can boost your chances of receiving fair compensation.

So, if you were involved in an accident with a Florida delivery truck driver, don’t hesitate. Discuss your case with an experienced attorney and file your compensation claim today.

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How Delivery Trucks Can Cause Accidents In Florida

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