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How Governmental Regulations Impact My Florida Trucking Accident Case

Trucking accidents are often very devastating. Semi-trucks can weigh between 35,000 and 80,000 pounds. When your vehicle is hit by the weight of a truck, it can cause severe damage. In these cases, it is imperative that you are paid a full and fair claim under Florida law in order to cover these damages. Unfortunately, trucking accidents are extremely complicated. To protect your rights and receive a fair settlement, you need to work with a qualified trucking accident attorney.

What Makes Trucking Accidents So Complex?

Many factors that are considered when it comes to trucking accidents. The first is that there are multiple parties that can be liable. In most vehicle accidents, it is usually the driver that is liable. However, with trucking accidents, it could be the driver but it could also be the trucking company, the freight company, the truck manufacturer, the trailer manufacturer, or the mechanic, among others.

Another key factor that makes trucking accidents very complicated is the number of governmental regulations that apply. If any of these parties are in violation of these regulations, they may be responsible for the accident. In many cases, it can be multiple parties. Furthermore, not all of the responsible parties may be located in the state of Florida. So you will have to work across state lines to get compensation. No matter the details of your trucking accident, you always need to work with a qualified attorney.

What Regulations Impact Trucking Accidents

The government understands the risks posed by large vehicles like semi-trucks to other drivers. Therefore, it is a highly regulated industry in order to help keep people safe. There are several federal regulations that impact trucking accidents including:

Hours Of Service: Hours of service is a regulation that limits the number of hours a driver can drive a truck consecutively. Drivers tire after so many hours which leads to distracted driving and puts them at risk of causing an accident. If a driver or the trucking company is in violation of the hours or service, they will be considered liable for the accident.

Maintenance Requirements: As trucks are larger, they are more vulnerable to mechanical failure. Mechanical failures can lead to accidents. This impacts liability in a number of ways. If the trucking company or driver was not following maintenance requirements, they may be liable. If the mechanic who worked on the vehicle did not meet these regulations, they may be liable. Further, if the manufacturer provided incorrect maintenance guidance, they may be liable.

Training Requirements: Driving a semi-truck is very different from driving a car, SUV, or pickup. It requires special licensing and many hours of training. If the driver did not have the correct licensing and training, they, the trucking company, or the freight company may be liable.

Freight Requirements: All trailers have weight limit requirements, loading requirements, and limits on what they can transport. If they are in violation of these requirements, the trucking company, freighting company, or driver may be liable.

There are also other requirements including drug and alcohol testing, truck inspection requirements, road requirements, and more that may have an impact on your case. A qualified attorney understands all of these government regulations and how they can impact your claim.

If you’ve been in an accident with a truck driver, the laws are very complicated. So you need to work with knowledgeable experts like the trucking accident legal team at Justice Pays Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, and Walsh in Sarasota. We have worked with hundreds of truck accident victims to get them the compensation they deserve for their damages. We will find all the responsible parties and fight to ensure that your rights are protected. Give us a call at 1-833-954-1234 to learn more.

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How Governmental Regulations Impact My Florida Trucking Accident Case

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