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How Important Are Turn Signals In Bradenton, Florida?

For most drivers in Bradenton, using turn signals is second nature. It’s something that motorists do naturally, without thinking twice about it. However, any sort of distraction that interrupts this muscle memory can lead to missing that turn signal without even realizing it. Distracted minds not actively thinking about signaling are minds that might fail to signal, fail to look both ways before proceeding into an intersection, or fail to drive safely in other ways while taking to Bradenton roads.

Failing to signal a turn or lane change is a major cause of accidents throughout the United States. According to a study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, motorists who fail to use their turn signals properly contribute to more than 2 million accidents every single year. Why aren’t motorists in Bradenton and the United States as a whole using their turn signals? Surveys have some interesting findings.

Distracted Driving Remains A Major Issue

Distracted driving is a major factor in auto accidents, and it’s a major factor in failing to use a turn signal. Motorists who are distracted while using a phone, digging through a bag, fiddling with a radio, or paying more attention to passengers than the road will be splitting their attention between their driving and the other actions they’re partaking in. While they may not realize it, it’s this splitting of attention that leads to potentially serious driving mistakes like failing to signal.

Distracted driving statistics show just how dangerous this practice is. During the year 2019, 986,000 distracted driving accidents occurred throughout the United States, resulting in 2,895 fatalities. What surprises many is that while distracted driving is one reason a motorist may fail to use a turn signal, it contributes to only a fraction of the nation’s turn signal related incidents.

Young Drivers Aren’t Always Signaling

The Society of Automotive Engineers study that found that 2 million auto accidents per year are caused by a failure to signal, but another study done by Response Insurance company found out who is and who isn’t signaling regularly. While all demographics admitted to failing to signal, it was one age group that really stuck out amongst the rest.

In the Response Insurance study, 71% of drivers aged 18-24 admitted to not using their turn signals regularly. These inexperienced drivers often have a case of false confidence, believing they’re more prepared and more experienced on the road than they really are, which may lead them to reckless driving practices like not using a turn signal.

When Aren’t Motorists Signaling?

When drivers in Bradenton are failing to signal is just as important as who isn’t signaling and why they may “skip” using their signal. The Society of Automotive Engineers study found that around 25% of drivers fail to signal when making a turn, but about 50% of motorists fail to signal when switching lanes. Drivers in Bradenton are most likely to switch lanes when on multi-lane highways throughout the region, where traffic is moving quickly and roadways are congested. Failing to signal while switching lanes on these roadways can lead to single or multi-vehicle crashes quickly.

When You’ve Been In An Auto Accident In Bradenton

If you’ve been in an accident in Bradenton due to a motorist’s failure to signal, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Navigating the insurance claims process can be challenging, and injured drivers don’t need to settle for less. To learn more about what professional representation with a Bradenton area auto accident attorney can do for you, contact us at today.

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How Important Are Turn Signals In Bradenton, Florida?

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