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How Likely Are You To Suffer Internal Injuries After A Sarasota Auto Accident?

Not all auto accident injuries in Sarasota are visible right away, whether you werer hurt in a crash on Bee Ridge, Clark Road or on Siesta Key. While you may be able to see a laceration, bruises, or perhaps a broken bone, internal injuries can be just as serious as they are invisible.

What Are Considered Internal Injuries?

To simplify, an internal injury is any injury that occurs to the interior organs of the body. Most often, this means the spleen, stomach, heart, liver, lungs, and even the brain. One cannot see internal injuries from the outside, so in order for them to be discovered internal imaging or lab testing is required.

Individuals who refuse medical attention at the scene of an auto accident may have internal injuries they aren’t aware of, which can prove devastating if left untreated. In order to collect a settlement from an insurance policy, having a full medical examination after an accident is always recommended. Even in cases of internal injury, insurance companies may deny a claim if an injured person refuses immediate medical attention and only chooses to be assessed by a doctor later on when symptoms set in.

In a study conducted by the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, fatalities occurring within the first 1.5 hours after an auto accident were most often caused by internal injuries. 52% were caused by internal injuries involving the brain, and 36% were caused by thoracic internal injuries.

Signs Of Internal Injuries

Because internal injuries aren’t usually visible, there’s other signs to look for that may point to an internal injury being present. These signs include:

  • Pain and tenderness – It’s not unusual to feel a bit sore after an auto accident in Bradenton, but feeling general mild soreness is different than the pain and tenderness involved with internal injuries. Tenderness in the chest, stomach, groin, or ribs should be taken seriously and drive an injured person to seek medical attention immediately.
  • Nausea – Nausea and dizziness are classic signs that may point to internal blood loss. If you’re feeling nauseous or dizzy after an accident, or if vomiting occurs with or without blood, this could be your body notifying you of a serious internal injury.
  • Unusual bruising – Like soreness, having a few bruises after a Sarasota auto accident is far from abnormal. However, if bruising looks or feels different than your average bump, you could be experiencing internal bleeding. Quick forming dark purple bruising can be caused by blood pooling in the soft tissues close to the skin.
  • Bleeding when you use the bathroom – When using the bathroom after an auto accident, you shouldn’t see blood in the urine or stool. The presence of blood may be a sign of serious internal injuries to the kidneys or bowels. Kidney laceration is a critical internal injury that is not uncommon in even minor auto accidents and may be caused by any moderate impact to the midsection.

What Causes Internal Bleeding In A Bradenton Auto Accident?

The force involved in an auto accident can cause internal injuries in a few different ways. First and foremost, the impact of the body hitting against something may lead to damage to internal organs and blood vessels. For instance, if the chest hits against the steering wheel. The body may also be squeezed or pinched between objects with force in an auto accident, which may also lead to internal injuries.

The force of an auto accident in Bradenton will also cause rattling within the body, and this is the most common cause of internal brain injuries. The force of the brain rattling within the skull can lead to devastating internal injuries that may not result in symptoms until hours after the accident has occurred. This force may also lead to rattling within the ribcage, which may lead to broken ribs, punctured lungs, and other organ damages.

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How Likely Are You To Suffer Internal Injuries After A Sarasota Auto Accident?

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