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Hurricane Irma Shines Spotlight On Property Owners Responsibility To Prevent Dangerous Storm Debris

A tropical tree fallen sideways onto a fence and across a bike lane after Hurricane Irma blew through the neighborhood of Sarasota, Florida
With all of the hurricanes and heavy storms Florida is facing, damage to your home is eventually an inevitable consequence.

Most homeowners have Hurricane Insurance/Homeowners Insurance that will provide for repairs, but often these insurance policies have high deductible where an insured can be paying thousands of dollars out of pocket before the insurance policy will kick in.

Majority of the damage to your property in these storms results from mother-nature, but what if, the damage caused on your property caused by someone else’s negligence, say a neighbor?

As homeowners in the state of Florida, there are certain actions necessary to prevent damage or reduce damage when a known hurricane is approaching our state. Just as Floridians know to stop their vehicle at a stop sign, they also know that loose objects, furniture, etc. can become dangerous projectiles in high wind situations, and the need to take measures to secure these items is necessary.

Compensation For Your Insurance Deductible

There may be a duty for your neighbors to secure and fasten their outdoor furnishings and accessories, which now has damaged your property. Instead of paying your high deductible to fix your damaged property, you may be able to seek compensation for the damage from your neighbor’s insurance policy because of their negligence.

Things such as nurseries, green houses, and sheds not built to code, or engineered properly, that ultimately cause damage to your property can be evidence of negligence per se (violation of building codes or criminal statutes implicate you as negligent).

Preparations for hurricanes can be costly and filled with inconvenience and anxiety. The aftermath can be equally as difficult. Make sure you evaluate all your property damage and make sure it is not something that was caused, or could have been prevented, by others such as neighbors.

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Hurricane Irma Shines Spotlight On Property Owners Responsibility To Prevent Dangerous Storm Debris

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