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Importance Of Personal Injury Protection And Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Personal injury protection is a type of coverage that is typically purchased with an auto insurance plan. Florida is one of ten states that have personal injury protection auto insurance. It was initially intended to provide injured drivers up to $10,000 in immediate medical coverage, instead of waiting for the court system to determine fault.

Bodily injury liability coverage pays damages in case of an accident caused by the insured, and essentially becomes a part of your vehicle’s coverage plan.

Personal Injury Protection

In Florida, personal injury protection coverage is required to be purchased by all registered motor vehicle owners. Each driver is responsible for their own injuries in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

The purpose of PIP coverage is to provide timely payments of medical bills and lost income that occur because of a motor vehicle accident. The standard PIP coverage entitles an auto insurer to pay the insured 80 percent of his medical bills up to $10,0000, or 60 percent of their lost wages. Many auto insurers also offer an additional “medical payments coverage,” which would cover the remaining 20 percent of the medical bills.

The benefits offered by PIP coverage can extend to passengers in the insured’s automobile, or to those who the insured has given permission to drive his or her automobile.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Bodily injury liability coverage will help pay for another person’s injuries in a car accident for which you are found at fault. Another type of liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, pays for damage you may cause to the other driver’s car, and can cover short and long-term costs related to injuries. This plan typically covers all passengers, walkers, and bystanders who may have been injured in an accident.

Bodily injury liability coverage typically covers:

  • Medical expenses, including hospital fees and emergency care that are necessary because of the accident. It may also cover any equipment and follow-ups needed for recovery.
  • Legal fees, including protection from any lawsuits filed against you. Bodily injury insurance can also cover any legal defense fees, and can significantly reduce your court costs.
  • Loss of income, when the injury prevents you from working.
  • Pain and suffering, when the other party claims repayment for lingering pain or emotion destress that was caused because of injuries that were suffered.
  • Funeral costs, in the unfortunate case of any fatalities.

Liability insurance packages typically comes in two varieties with your auto insurer – combined, single limit policies and split limit policies. A combined single limit policy will offer a certain amount of coverage. As the insured, you can decide how to divide that coverage between bodily injury and property damage. A split limit policy will yield two numbers. The first number is the limit per person, or the maximum amount that your insurance provider will pay for any single person for any injury expenses incurred because of the accident. The second number is limit per accident, or the total maximum amount that the insurer will provide for the accident.

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Importance Of Personal Injury Protection And Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

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