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Is Texting While Driving Illegal in Florida?

Without question, distracted driving is at the root of many serious automobile accidents, and text messaging may be the biggest distraction of all. Texting has become a reflex for a significant percentage of people, and it can be difficult to recognize the fact that the practice has to stop when you get behind the wheel. If you are skeptical about the impact of texting while driving, you should absorb some of the statistics.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does a lot of great work educating the public. According to their research, during the 2015 calendar year, there were just under 3500 fatal motor vehicle accidents that could be attributed to distracted driving. This is an increase of almost 9 percent over the previous year. Here in the Sunshine State where we practice personal injury law, in 2015 about 16 percent of all accidents were caused, at least in part, by distracted driving.

An accident can trigger a lot of pain and a lot of suffering, and a serious accident can cost you your life. Plus, speaking of costs, there can be considerable expenses to contend with if you are ever in a motor vehicle collision, including deductibles, potential vehicle replacement, and medical bills that insurance companies will not pay. This should be incentive enough to refrain from texting while driving, but you are also breaking the law if you engage in text messaging while you are operating a motor vehicle. You can receive a citation, and multiple offenses can lead to greater penalties.

The seriousness of this situation is underscored by a piece of legislation that was introduced to the Florida legislature back in February. This measure has bipartisan support, and it was introduced by two representatives from opposite sides of the aisle: Rene Garcia and Emily Slosberg. If it is passed and signed into law, texting while driving would become a primary offense for beginning drivers who are between 15 and 17 years of age.

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Is Texting While Driving Illegal in Florida?

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