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Is That A 2016 Kia In Your Palmetto Garage?

Kia is an automobile manufacturer headquartered in South Korea. The brand first came onto the scene in the United States back in February of 1994 when four dealerships in Portland began selling the vehicles. Many consumers were skeptical at the time and believed the brand wouldn’t make it here. After all, it was competing with large corporations like Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler.

However, fast-forward to 2022, and Kia sales are still going strong. Don’t just take our word for it, though. There are stats to back up the claim. Research shows that for the first time in history, Kia America sold over 700,000 cars in 2021. That was a 20 percent increase over only the year before in 2020. Meanwhile, the previous record for the company was set in 2016, and the 2021 figure eclipsed it by 8.3 percent.

So, as you can see, people across the country are investing in these rides. Does that describe you to a T, and do you currently have a Kia in your Palmetto garage? There’s certainly nothing wrong with that if you do, but if the unit is a particular year and model, that could spell trouble. Stick around and read on to discover what we’ve learned.

2016 Sedonas And Sorentos

It has been brought to our attention that there are currently 28,065 Kia Sedona and Sorento vehicles from 2016 in circulation that may have a problem. These cars are believed to have been manufactured with faulty automatic transmission shift lever assembly components. What does that mean exactly? If these parts exist, they can prevent the shift lever from locking correctly.

That probably doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but it very well could be. If your Palmetto vehicle’s transmission fails to go into the Park position and stay there, it could roll away, which increases the risk of a crash and injury. Therefore, if you’re the proud owner of a 2016 Sedona or Sorento, it is in your best interest to contact a local Kia dealership.

You’ll want to find out if your vehicle is involved and if there is a remedy for the situation. Someone from the organization should be able to tell you how to proceed. Now, let’s look at why the matter needs to be addressed promptly.

Information From MotorBiscuit

First of all, a rollaway car accident can be defined as happening when a vehicle begins moving and a driver cannot control it. Think again if you don’t believe these incidents occur all that often in the United States. It is estimated that rollaway accidents are responsible for an estimated 142 death annually, but that’s not all. Not everyone involved in such a crash is killed. It is also estimated that these matters produce an estimated 2,000 injuries each year.

The point is this. Don’t simply write this issue off. Rather, take care of it so that no harm comes to you, someone you love, or an outsider.

Contact A Palmetto Personal Injury Attorney

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Is That A 2016 Kia In Your Palmetto Garage?

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