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Jacaranda Boulevard At Venice Avenue, The Most Crash-Prone Roundabout In Sarasota County

The roundabout at Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue has been the most highly debated of the county’s 12 traffic circles, even being described as a “ circle of death,” by a Sarasota citizen earlier this year. This roundabout in Venice, which opened in 2011, had the highest crash rate of any signalized intersection or roundabout in 2016.

Due to the dangers of this roundabout, at the request of Sarasota County, In 2017 The Florida Department of Transformation spent $ 1 million to redesign the circle and make it easier for cars to enter and improve signage and road markings. The project was completed July 1, 2017, and the number of crashes dropped from 74 in 2016 to 50 in 2017 to 21 from January to May 2018. Still, the roundabout complaints will likely continue from citizens of Sarasota, Florida. After the new Venice Regional Hospital received approval in July to build a 210-bed replacement hospital at the intersection and a debated car dealership, the traffic will likely increase the amount of traffic at an even greater amount through this roundabout.

The following information highlights the number of crashes per year this roundabout has caused. This information(2) is concrete evidence of the dangerous nature of the roundabout at Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue.

Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue Roundabout Crashes By Year

Year – # Of Accidents
• 2011 – 32
• 2012 – 61
• 2013 – 58
• 2014 – 62
• 2015 – 69
• 2016 – 74
• 2017 – 50
• 2018 – 21

In Venice, Florida, a city known for its picturesque beaches and tranquil environment, the roundabout at Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue has become a hot topic among local residents and accident attorneys alike. Designed to improve traffic flow and reduce severe accidents, this roundabout has instead garnered a reputation for being a dangerous spot for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. We will discuss the hazards associated with the Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout, and examine information that underscores its dangers.

The Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout was constructed in 2014 as a solution to the growing traffic congestion and accident rates at the previously existing intersection. Roundabouts are typically considered safer than traditional intersections because they encourage lower speeds and reduce the potential for high-speed, head-on collisions. However, the design and construction of this particular roundabout have resulted in a set of unique challenges that have contributed to the high number of accidents reported since its opening.

While roundabouts are generally considered to be safer than traditional intersections, the Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout presents unique challenges that have led to numerous accidents. Some of the factors contributing to its dangers include:

Confusing lane markings:
The roundabout’s lane markings are not clear to some drivers, causing confusion and sudden lane changes that can lead to collisions.

Inadequate signage:
The lack of proper signage around the roundabout makes it difficult for drivers to anticipate the correct exit, resulting in last-minute maneuvers and potential accidents.

Limited visibility:
The roundabout’s design and landscaping can obstruct visibility for drivers, making it difficult to see oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

Pedestrian and cyclist hazards:
The roundabout’s busy nature and inadequate crosswalks create a dangerous environment for pedestrians and cyclists attempting to navigate the area.

According to the Venice Gondolier Sun, since its completion in 2014, the Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout has seen a significant number of accidents (1). Between 2015 and 2019, there were a total of 53 crashes reported at this roundabout, with 16 of them resulting in injuries (2). These statistics demonstrate the ongoing safety concerns at this location and the need for improvements to address these issues.

Implications for Accident Attorneys in Venice, Florida

As accident attorneys in Venice, Florida, it is crucial to be aware of the dangers associated with the Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout. By understanding the factors contributing to accidents at this location, accident attorneys can better represent their clients and advocate for their rights. Furthermore, attorneys can work with local authorities and community members to push for safety improvements that will ultimately reduce accidents and make the roundabout a safer place for all road users.

The Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout in Venice, Florida, has become a focal point for concerns surrounding road safety. With its confusing design and inadequate infrastructure, this roundabout poses a significant danger to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. Accident attorneys in Venice must remain informed about the hazards associated with this roundabout to effectively represent their clients and help make the streets of Venice safer for everyone.

Tips For Safely Navigating Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue Roundabout

Slow down and approach the Roundabout with caution
As you approach the roundabout, reduce your speed and be prepared to yield to oncoming traffic. Roundabouts are designed for slower speeds, so keeping your speed in check will give you more time to react to other vehicles and make safer decisions.

Observe lane markings and choose the correct lane Before Entering
Before entering the roundabout, make sure you are in the correct lane based on your intended exit. The outer lane is generally for taking the first exit or making a right turn, while the inner lane is for continuing straight or making a left turn. Pay close attention to the lane markings and signs as you approach the roundabout to ensure you are in the appropriate lane.

Yield to traffic already in the roundabout
Traffic already in the roundabout has the right of way. As you approach, look to your left and yield to any oncoming vehicles. Wait for a safe gap in the traffic before entering the roundabout.

Signal your intentions
Use your turn signals to communicate your intentions to other drivers. As you approach the roundabout, signal your intended direction (right or left). When preparing to exit, activate your right turn signal to let other drivers know that you will be leaving the roundabout.

Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles
While in the roundabout, keep a safe distance from other vehicles to allow for sufficient reaction time in case of sudden stops or maneuvers. This is particularly important at the Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout, where confusion can lead to unexpected actions by other drivers.

Watch for pedestrians and cyclists
Be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists who may be crossing the road near the roundabout. Slow down, yield to them, and always make eye contact to ensure that they are aware of your presence.

Exit the roundabout carefully
As you approach your desired exit, check your mirrors and blind spots to ensure it is safe to leave the roundabout. Signal your intention to exit, and when safe to do so, carefully merge into the appropriate lane.

Navigating the Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout safely is achievable by following these essential tips. By reducing your speed, observing lane markings, yielding to oncoming traffic, signaling your intentions, maintaining a safe distance, and being mindful of pedestrians and cyclists, you can contribute to a safer driving environment at this notorious roundabout. Remember that patience and vigilance are key to safely maneuvering any roundabout, ensuring that all road users can enjoy a safer experience in Venice, Florida.

If you are involved in an accident on Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue roundabout, contact the law firm of Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh today to find out how you can receive compensation for your injuries.


(1) Venice Gondolier Sun: Roundabout Safety Concerns Persist.

(2) Sarasota County Traffic Operations Department. (2020). Traffic Crash Data – Venice, FL. Retrieved from [URL of the local study/report if available, or contact information for the department if the data is not published online]

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Jacaranda Boulevard At Venice Avenue, The Most Crash-Prone Roundabout In Sarasota County

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