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Keeping Safe Following The MacBook Pro Battery Recall

During the beginning of the summer, Apple announced a voluntary recall of their 15 inch MacBook Pro purchased between 2015 and 2017 due to a battery risk. Some MacBook pro laptops within this age range may have contained batteries known to overheat and present fire or general safety risks. The products within the recall limit held on them certain serial numbers that could identify them as potential recalled devices. On June 27th, Apple announced that the recall was estimated to involve around 460,000 units, 26,000 of which could be linked to purchasers in Canada.

Video appeared on a social media site of a musician with his damaged 2015 MacBook Pro, showing a unit burnt after it had exploded during use. Allegedly the MacBook computer was operating under normal conditions before it suddenly caught fire.

The Apple MacBook Pro is a popular laptop, particularly with creatives and business people likely to do a lot of traveling for business or pleasure. With such a potentially volatile battery, taking this laptop onto a plane isn’t safe, and it could present serious danger not only to the user but to all other passengers on the plane as well.

Keeping The MacBook Pro From Airplanes

Beginning in early August, the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA sent out an alert that certain MacBook Pro units will be banned on planes going forward or until the batteries have successfully been replaced with those considered safe and sound. Airlines were alerted about the recall in early July, making them aware of the potential for danger stemming from the MacBook Pro, but it wasn’t until August when the FAA finally made their final decision.

On the FAA Packsafe website, it states clearly that “lithium batteries recalled by the manufacturer/vendor must not be carried aboard aircraft or packed in baggage unless the recalled product/component has been replaced or repaired or otherwise made safe per manufacturer/vendor instructions.” According to this rule, the MacBook Pro ban of certain models on airlines makes sense and follows right in line with the safety standards the FAA is looking to set.

Apple customers who own the MacBook Pro have been given a handful of different options in relation to replacing their dangerous MacBook Pro batteries. They can go to an Apple Store or mail in their faulty laptops in order to receive a proper replacement.

What Happens When There Is A Fire On A Plane?

When a fire breaks out on an airplane, the flight crew must take aggressive and immediate action in order to avoid catastrophic loss of the aircraft. These fires can get out of control with shocking speed, and they put every single person on board at risk. This faulty product could not just cause injury, but be a leading cause in wrongful deaths as well. Should a laptop battery explode or catch fire while in the sky, and that fire cannot be managed within a period of a few seconds to a minute, the situation will grow dire very quickly.

It’s not just in the sky that these recalled MacBook Pro batteries pose a danger. If a person is using their laptop in bed, they close their laptop and begin to fall asleep, and that laptop catches fire, this fire can spread from the mattress to the rest of the room with the similar quickness. For those who have the affected models purchased between the dates in question, having your laptop sent in and your battery replaced is of the utmost importance to avoid injury or worse. While no consumer should need to deal with such a severe defective product case, there are simple solutions put into place by Apple to bring safety to customers once again.

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Keeping Safe Following The MacBook Pro Battery Recall

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