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Medical Care After A Car Accident

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, emergency services will probably be there at the scene and take you to the closest hospital where you will receive all the medical care and attention you need. But what if your injuries seem minor? Often people involved in car accidents don’t even realize they have been injured at all.

Due to the stressful nature of this event, your body has already responded to your pain signals and stress by producing morphine-like hormones known as endorphins. These endorphins mask the pain until your body and mind have had time to recover from the stress of the accident.

When Symptoms Appear, See Your Doctor

It is not uncommon for our personal injury clients to come in saying they felt no pain at the scene of the accident or later the same day. However, they wake up the next morning feeling as if they had been hit run over by a truck. It can take anywhere from several hours to even a week for injuries or serious discomfort to register with a car accident victim.

However, when these symptoms appear, you need to seek out medical attention and inform the doctors of your recent car accident. Make sure to be completely honest with your doctor about what happened in the car accident so that your treatment and medical records will be completely accurate.

Continue Treatment Until Your Doctor Releases You

After a car accident, if your doctor has diagnoses an injury and begins treatment, you need to continue that course of treatment until your doctor releases you from it.

There are two main reasons for why you need to continue any treatment your doctor puts you on. The most obvious reason is that your doctor is in the best position to determine just how serious your injury is and will know what treatment is best for your recovery. The second reason is that your doctor’s records of your visits are the best way to document and verify the nature and extent of your injuries along with the course and duration of your treatment. This type of verification is crucial if you later have to make a car accident injury claim.

Review Your Doctor’s Treatment Records

If you are being treated for injuries that resulted from your car accident, ask your doctor for copies of your medical records. Make sure to read over them carefully and have your doctor correct any errors that you may find.

When you are reviewing the records, pay special attention to the description of your car accident. This is usually the part of the first entry in the records. You need to make sure that the doctor understood what you told them and that the records reflect what actually happened. Any inconsistencies in the story you told the doctors, lawyers, or police could work against you in a legal case.

You also need to make sure that the medical accurately state your symptoms as well as your medical history. In order to get the financial compensation you may need to recover properly, the courts need to know the extent of your injuries and that they are a direct result of the car accident.

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Medical Care After A Car Accident

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