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Negligent Acts That Could Be Behind Your Bicycle Accident

More bicycles are sharing the roadways with cars, trucks, SUVs, and tractor-trailers today than ever before. Why? Well, there are various reasons why the event is happening. For one, a lot of folks, including those right here in Florida, have chosen to go green. They recycle, make compost heaps, and ride bikes to get from one place to the next. This action allows them to save the Earth in their own way.

In other instances, people utilize their bicycles for exercise. They usually have a routine, which can be once a day, once a week, or something else. The activity helps them lose weight and get into or stay in shape. After all, who can’t stand to drop a few pounds? Meanwhile, some individuals use their bikes for work. Bike couriers deliver documents, packages, and other items for a fee. Therefore, the two-wheel mode of transportation is how they earn their living.

Regardless of why persons are riding their bicycles, it is not always the safest of endeavors. With so many cars and bikes sharing the roadways, collisions are bound to happen from time to time. Unfortunately, they occur far too often in the Sunshine State though. Research from Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles states there were 6,675 bicycle crashes in 2017 alone. Of those incidents, the result was 6,263 injuries and 128 fatalities.

Victims And Their Families Can Seek Compensation Via A Lawsuit

If a cyclist sustains injuries in a collision with a vehicle, and it can be proven that the operator acted negligently, it may be possible for the cyclist to recover compensation. Determining who was at fault is often easier said than done though. Therefore, victims will likely want to put a proven and reputable legal team by their side. Our accident attorneys go above and beyond to build the strongest case possible for you. Some items they use to establish fault include…

• Security Camera Footage
• Witness Testimonies
• Driving Records
• Cell Phone Histories
• Accident Reconstructions

The victim’s family may be able to obtain compensation as well if wrongful death occurs. No settlement will ever be enough to make up for what they lost, but the money can help them pay medical and funeral costs. So, hold the responsible party accountable by getting the high-quality representation that you deserve.

Negligent Acts That Can Cause Bicycle Accidents


Speed limit signs are in place to keep everybody on side streets, highways, and interstates safe. They are not merely guidelines that drivers can pick and choose to obey as they see fit. If a person is barreling down the road doing 65, when the speed limit is 35, they could easily miss seeing a bicyclist in the bike lane and clip them, which would forever change the lives of all parties involved. Thus, speeding is considered a negligent act.

Texting Or Talking On The Phone While Driving

There are campaigns telling people not to use their phones while behind the wheel and laws prohibiting the use. Yet, many drivers still think it is okay to briefly look at the screen to see what John, Becky, or someone else has to say. On other occasions, operators hold the device up to their ear and get lost in the conversation, without a care in the world. When motorists become distracted, bad things happen like hitting bicyclists. Hence, once again, distracted driving is a negligent act.

Impaired Driving

Those that choose to get behind the wheel after drinking alcoholic beverages or doing illegal drugs really don’t have an excuse anymore. There are rideshare companies out there like Uber and Lyft that will take people where they need to go for a reasonable fee. Plus, there are taxis, buses, and other ways to get from here to there in Florida. When an individual gets behind the wheel intoxicated, they swerve and weave continually. Also, they can fall asleep. In either situation, the driver can strike a cyclist, and sometimes, not even realize it. Still, though, they made a bad decision as impaired driving is a negligent act as well.

Attorney David Goldman has a strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and those with the means should do what they can to bring justice in all areas of our society. That belief has led him to help Florida's injured from being taken advantage of by corporations and insurance companies. Since 1989 David Goldman has been fighting for the rights of Floridians both as an attorney and by personally supporting our community.

Negligent Acts That Could Be Behind Your Bicycle Accident

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