New Recalls From Kraft And Pepperidge Farm Over Botulism and Salmonella Fears

Taco Bell Cheese Dip recalled - A report from Reuters on July 24th states that Kraft Heinz Co., is recalling at least 7,000 cases of Taco Bell Cheese Dip due to concerns that “the product showed signs that it could allow for the growth of the bacteria that causes botulism.”

The recall was voluntary and it should be noted that no cases of illness have been reported.


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers recalled – In an effort to protect consumers Pepperidge Farm has recalled 3.3 million units of the popular Goldfish Crackers snack food. The recall was issued after a supplier to the company warned Pepperidge Farm of possible presence of salmonella in the whey powder used in cheese flavor seasonings. As with the Taco Bell Cheese dip recall, the recall was voluntary and no illness has been reported.

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