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New Studies Shed Surprising Light On Brain Injuries

New Studies on TBIEveryone is well aware of the fact that traumatic brain injury is one of the most serious injuries you can suffer. With things like permanent disabilities, seizures, learning issues, emotional changes, comas, and death all potential issues that can be caused by a brain injury, it’s a problem with dire consequences. Roughly 2 million people suffer a head injury each year, and while some are fairly mild others can lead to serious issues. And the mysteries of the brain are still being unraveled, and brain injuries are still being understood as well. Some new studies have uncovered some interesting and surprising information about the causes, long term effects, and treatment of traumatic brain injury.

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In most cases, people assumed that brain damage was caused by things like bleeding, swelling, and more. In serious injuries, other factors could damage the brain tissue and lead to serious long term damage. But a new study has revealed that something as seemingly minor as a low level concussion could cause small level brain injury that can lead to severe problems throughout life.

This study involved the use of dye that displayed tiny holes in the membranes inside the brain. These membranes are designed to keep the brain in place, protect from minor shock, and defend against harmful particles and molecules. But when the test was run on those with minor concussions, it showed that the dye leaked out through tiny holes in these membranes. This has helped highlight why even minor brain injuries like concussions could lead to post traumatic headache on a recurring basis and why even a seemingly minor brain injury needs to be taken seriously.

While there are numerous new treatments being developed for those with brain injuries, one of the most troubling new studies was conducted by looking at 21 different brain injury rehab centers throughout the US. The results of this study were published in December of 2013, and researchers expected to see relatively uniform performance in terms of the clinical outcomes of patients. Instead, the study found that a 25 to 45 percent variation was present in the outcomes for patients. In other words, there is a wide level of variation in the treatment ability of different clinics. As a result, it’s important for those with a loved one who needs care from traumatic brain injury to research their treatment facility thoroughly in an effort to find the one that is the best for them.

Along with researching the right treatment center and making sure that you or a loved one gets medical attention for even the slightest of concussions, you’ll also need to be sure to look at what a TBI lawyer can do for you. Brain injuries have a serious impact on your health and on your lifestyle, and if the injury is caused by another party through negligence or through reckless, careless behavior, you may have a legal case on which to seek compensation. The first priority should always be getting the care you or your loved one needs to heal properly, but after this it’s a must to find a good TBI lawyer and see what kind of options you have.

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New Studies Shed Surprising Light On Brain Injuries

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