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Not All ATV Operators Carry Insurance

There are plenty of trails all across Florida for riding four-wheelers, dirt bikes, side by sides, or other types of all-terrain vehicles. When done responsibly, the activity can be fun and enjoyable. However, now and again, there always seems to be someone trying to rain on everybody else’s parade. Such individuals operate ATVs under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Then again, sometimes, persons simply drive the units way too fast.

In turn, they can crash into other riders or run them off the path into a tree. Unfortunately, most ATV owners don’t carry insurance coverage. Thus, the victim is left with injuries, a torn-up machine, and financial burdens. He or she often doesn’t know where to turn for help. Well, Florida residents can seek assistance via our law firm. Proving fault in such cases is not always cut and dry. In fact, it can be challenging and tricky. However, our lawyers have experience in dealing with such claims.

The team will collect witness testimonies, police reports, photographs of the accident scene, and more to fight on your behalf. We will go the extra mile to recover the compensation that you deserve. ATV accidents are some of the most unforgiving kinds. Why? Well, the rider has little to no protection surrounding him or her. They can be left with wounds such as…

• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Broken Bones
• Deep Lacerations And Puncture Wounds
• Burns
• Spinal Cord Damages And More

Recovering can be quite expensive. Victims often need surgeries, physical therapy, medications, and numerous follow-up doctor visits. Don’t feel as if you are stuck because the other party didn’t have any insurance. Instead, give us a call to discuss your personal injury lawsuit options today.

Other Reasons Why A Personal Injury Claim May Be Filed After An ATV Accident

When a person rents an ATV, they assume that the owner or rental company has kept the unit maintained. However, this assumption can steer renters wrong on some occasions. If the rider is following the speed limit and rules, only to have the brakes fail when they come to a curve, they could crash into a tree. Meanwhile, should a person happen to be riding along only to have the throttle stick, they will likely find themselves entangled in a crash as well. As such, in these situations, it might be in the victim’s best interest to file a personal injury lawsuit too. The settlement will assist them with lost wages, medical expenses, and more.

Let’s say that a proprietor owns a bunch of property and turns it into an ATV trail. He or she must keep the track properly maintained to ensure that paying customers remain safe and sound. However, if the owner allows fallen trees or other debris to stay on the path, one of the clients could potentially hit the object, flip the ATV, and sustain injuries. Once again, this kind of negligence may be just what the doctor ordered for a personal injury lawsuit.

As mentioned, proving fault in ATV crashes can be challenging. Therefore, victims should take certain measures if they are able to give their claim the best chance of success. For instance, if the rider was wearing a GoPro at the time of the accident, it is best for them to keep the footage safe and turn it over to their lawyer. Also, if the individual can move around without hurting themselves, they may want to pull out their smartphone to start snapping pictures of the area, the ATVs, and anything else that they feel is of importance. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and these images could be what puts your case over the top.

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Not All ATV Operators Carry Insurance

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