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Pedestrians Are Most At Risk In Florida Car Accidents At Night

Sarasota has plenty of cars on the road for reasons of both work and play. Florida is a “garden state” in that the weather is warm, and the state gets plenty of sunshine, so a lot of people drive the highways and streets all year round.

However, this also means that with so many vehicles on the streets, mistakes can happen. Unfortunately, if those mistakes result in an accident between a car and a pedestrian, it is always the pedestrian that loses in such a confrontation. The car has the size, mass, and speed to “win” a collision, while the passengers inside have seat belts and airbags as additional protection. A pedestrian has none of these things.

Where It Happens

Traffic accidents between vehicles and pedestrians can happen just about anywhere. The most famous pedestrian accident of recent years, when famed American novelist Stephen King was struck down, occurred on an empty highway, with no other traffic. The driver was busy trying to make dogs behave and wasn’t paying attention to the road.

However, statistically, most traffic accidents between vehicles and pedestrians occur in areas with a greater urban density. Suburbs, for example, have more cars and more people around than rural areas, and so have more accidents. Unsurprisingly dense urban areas, like cities, have the highest likelihood of pedestrian accidents involving vehicles.

When It Happens

Unsurprisingly, the statistics beat out that nighttime is a more likely period for accidents with pedestrians than during the day. Darkness, of course, makes it difficult to see, and even with headlights, drivers can only see what is directly ahead, not necessarily to the side. The pedestrians themselves further compound this. Someone taking a walk at night wearing dark clothing, with no reflective surfaces, for example, may be tough to see, even with headlights on.

72% of all accidents occur at night, while the “prime time” for accidents is between 6 and 9 pm. This is usually when drivers are on the road, making their way home from a day at work, and awareness is not typically at its highest in this state of mind.

The Legal Implications

In some tragic cases, a traffic accident is unavoidable. A child running after a ball in a suburb, for example, can often happen with no warning to the driver and zero time to react. On the other hand, some accidents are senseless and avoidable. A pedestrian legally crossing a street at a crosswalk and getting struck down by a driver in a hurry to make a left turn at a traffic light without carefully checking is a prime example.

When these types of accidents occur, even if they aren’t criminal acts, such as drunk driving, they are still illegal. Accident victims or their surviving family can still get justice by going to court and suing for personal injury, obtaining financial compensation instead of a jail sentence for the accused.

If you or someone you know was injured in a negligent pedestrian accident with a vehicle, we can help. Contact our pedestrian accident lawyers to determine how you should proceed if negligence in a traffic accident were the cause of the injury.

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Pedestrians Are Most At Risk In Florida Car Accidents At Night

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