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Pet Injuries In Florida Car Accidents And What You Can Do About It

Our pets mean everything to us and they deserve the same protections as we do. Making sure that our insurance policies cover our pets is just as important as our human passengers. It is impossible to predict when an unforeseen accident can severely injure your pet. Fractures and ligament fixes in dogs can cost somewhere between $3,000 and $7,000 in the state of Florida, which does not include x-rays, anesthesia, and physical therapy as follow-up care such as physical therapy. Here is what you can do if your pet is injured in an auto accident.

Pets Are Your Personal Property In The Eyes Of The Law

Your pet is a part of your family, right? Florida law, as well as your insurance company, classifies them as personal property. What does this mean for your injured pet? The driver that is at fault’s property damage insurance should cover the costs of any injuries your pet obtained from the accident.

Your Insurance Is Not On Your Side

In most cases, your insurance will not cover your own pet’s injuries. Even with more than basic liability insurance, it is very unlikely it would cover pet injuries. For example:
● Liability insurance only covers bodily injury to another person’s injuries and property damage.
● Comprehensive coverage has a deductible and covers things like theft, vandalism, and fire
● Collision coverage covers the repair or replacement of your car if it is involved in an accident.
● Medical payments coverage covers you and your passengers when driving the vehicle and are injured in an accident which covers medical costs associated with the accident.
● Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers you and your passengers when driving the vehicle and are injured in an accident which covers medical costs associated with the accident. PIP also covers things such as child care expenses and loss of income due to the accident.

Insurance Only Covers So Much

Make sure to review your policy to find out exactly what it covers for pet injuries. Never take your insurance company at its word. It is typically best to call a licensed attorney with any questions you may have about how your policy affects your pet in case of car accident injury. Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of car accident victims who are seeking compensation for their injuries. They will go out of their way to get out of paying, including pulling dirty tricks like lying or twisting your words.

Would Pet Insurance Help Pay For Car Accident Injuries?

Pet insurance is a great tool not only for car accident injuries but for the overall health of your pet. Treatment from a veterinarian can be very expensive and pet insurance guarantees that you have access to financial support from the insurance company to pay for it. Of course, there are limits to your pet’s coverage and there is typically a deductible. However, if your pet is injured in a car accident, pet insurance will help to get your pet the treatment it needs and improve your pet’s quality of life.

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Car accidents in the Sarasota / Bradenton area on Florida’s west coast are stressful enough to deal with and have options available to you can mean the difference of a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and potentially an expensive hospital stay. Every car crash case is unique and an experienced attorney can indeed recover more in compensation for their client. There are many reasons for why this is, and we would be happy to discuss them with you at JusticePays. Give us a call at 833-954-1234 for a free case review. We will happily answer any questions you may have and help you understand your legal options.

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Pet Injuries In Florida Car Accidents And What You Can Do About It

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