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Products That Have Caused Significant Issues In Florida Over The Years

Defective products come along from time to time that can turn a person’s life or world upside-down. The outcome will depend on what the item is and what it does. For instance, if you bought or were gifted a particular hoverboard a while back, its battery might have overheated and caught fire. When flames wreak havoc on a home, the owner can lose everything, including a roof over his or her head.

But, aside from losing worldly possessions, fires can also be dangerous. Family members, pets, and first responders can get burned in the events. Or, if smoke inhalation enters the picture, people may even die in these incidents. Meanwhile, another example could be an airbag canister exploding and shooting shrapnel throughout a car’s cabin. If you will, just picture for a moment, a motorist is driving along minding her own business.

She pulls up and stops at a red light. However, upon waiting for the light to turn green, suddenly and without warning, a driver, who just so happened to be texting, rear ends the woman’s vehicle. Normally, a person’s injuries in such an accident might not be catastrophic, but because of the exploding canister, a piece penetrates her skull and gives her a traumatic brain injury.

The point is that defective products can cause significant problems with lasting consequences. They often make people sustain severe injuries. Then, the damages force financial hardships upon the injured. After all, they often acquire new bills for medical care, physical therapy, and more. Plus, peoples’ budgets are already stretched thin today with rent, car notes, and other expenses, but when folks are injured in accidents, they are sometimes unable to work for extended periods. Hence, it’s easy to see why money woes could enter the picture if an individual isn’t earning any wages. Now, let’s look at a couple of the worst defective products of all time.

Takata Airbag Canisters

One of the worst recalls ever surrounds Takata. Issues with the company’s faulty airbag inflators came to light over a decade ago. The units can explode upon deployment, sending metal shrapnel throughout the cars’ cabins. So far, this dilemma has been linked to at least 20 deaths since 2008. However, this is also still an ongoing matter, which, according to research, may not be cleared up until 2023. That’s how long regulators believe it will take to get every vehicle equipped with a faulty Takata airbag inflator fixed.

Ford And Firestone Tires

In 2000, Firestone tires were installed on Ford SUVs and pickups. Generally speaking, this shouldn’t have been problematic. After all, car manufacturers and part makers cooperate to give consumers the very best and safest products. However, in this particular situation, the tires were allegedly defective. It’s difficult to say who was actually to blame, though, because Ford and Firestone each said the other was at fault. The vehicles/tires were linked to 271 deaths in the United States alone.

Not only that, but they were responsible for a whopping 800 injuries as well. Firestone recalled a total of 6.5 million tires to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, Ford recalled and replaced 13 million tires too. Altogether, it cost a staggering $5.6 billion to correct this problem.

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Products That Have Caused Significant Issues In Florida Over The Years

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