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Protect Your Family This Summer From Dog Bites

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During the summer months, people spend more time outdoors. Children are home from school and playing outside or engaging in sports. People are vacationing, gardening, or getting together with families. With all this outdoor activity, the summer months are also when most dog bites occur. Here are some ways to help you protect your family from getting bitten.

Understanding Some Facts About Dog Bites

Learning more about who is impacted by dog bites can help you make sure that you take the steps necessary to protect your family. Here are some facts about dog bites:

● More adults get bitten by dogs than children
● Just like popular belief, dogs really do not like the mailman. On average about 6,000 postal carriers are bitten by dogs each year.
● Twice as many men than women get bitten.
● Approximately 20 people die from dog bites yearly.
● What is really shocking to most people is that studies have determined that Chihuahuas and Dachshunds show the most aggression towards humans, not only towards strangers but also their owners.
● In contrast, Pit Bull Terriers who are believed to be the most aggressive by most people are more known for aggression towards unknown dogs than humans.

These facts are important to understand, but will not protect your family from being bitten. Here are some ways to help prevent a trip to the emergency room from a dog bite. It starts by educating your children about dogs.

Protecting Your Children

Summertime is fun and games for your children. No school, running around with friends, and playing in the yard. Therefore, it is vital that you teach your children how to protect themselves from dog bites:

●Teach your children not to approach strange dogs when they are out in public.
●Make sure they know they should always ask the owner if it is ok to pet their dog.
● They should never ever pinch, poke, try to ride a dog, or tease it in any way.
● Children should not approach a dog that is sleeping, has puppies, or run past the dog.
● If they are threatened by a dog, instruct them to look down, don’t make eye contact, and slowly back away.
●They should also be taught not to try to touch or pet a dog that is in a cage or behind a fence.

By teaching them you increase their safety and prevent them from having to experience the trauma and pain of a dog bite, emergency room visit, and possible hospitalization. These are also good suggestions for adults to follow as well, but there’s more you can do.

How To Protect Yourself If The Dog Attacks

Unfortunately, in spite of taking precautions, you can still be attacked. Here are some ways you can protect yourself if attacked:

● If an attack is inevitable, if you have a cap, jacket, backpack available, shake it in front of the dog. In most cases the dog will bite into the apparel and you can let go and slowly back away.
● If attacked, also protect your face, throat, and chest. Make a fist to avoid fingers being bitten. Children should be taught to curl into a ball and protect their neck and ears.
● If all fails it is better to be bitten in the shin or forearm than anywhere else, and whatever you do, do NOT pull away, you will only cause more damage.
● If possible, when the dog has latched on to you, lift them by the back legs, which establishes dominance by you and the dog will usually submit

What To Do If You Are Bitten By A Dog This Summer

If you have been bitten by a dog and injured, the dog owner can be held liable for any resulting damages, depending on how the attack happened. It is always a good idea to contact an attorney and see what your options are, regarding the attack and medical bills. At Justice Pays, our attorneys have a lot of experience working with dog bite victims. We understand how the law works and can fight to help you get compensation for your resulting injuries. Contact us today for a free case review to learn more.

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Protect Your Family This Summer From Dog Bites

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