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Questions To Expect From Your Insurance Provider After An Auto Accident In Palmetto

You may have read many times that you need to be careful when speaking with a representative from your insurance provider because they may use your words to reduce the amount of compensation you can get. That makes it sound intimidating. But, don’t worry. Instead, familiarize yourself with the questions they routinely ask and these tips on how to answer them.

Questions To Expect From Your Insurance Provider

Your insurance provider will try to get as much information from you as possible. So, expect them to ask these questions:

  • • Was a police report filed?
  • • Were you hurt? If so, what injuries did you sustain?
  • • Did you see or hear anything that can help determine the cause?
  • • Which direction were you heading?
  • • Who do you think was at fault?
  • • How did the accident take place?
  • • Did you have any passengers?
  • • Who was involved?
  • • Where was the accident?
  • • When did the accident occur?

If you are able, document the events right after on your phone or in a notebook. This will enable you to stay consistent with the facts.

Tips For Speaking With Your Insurance Provider After A Car Accident

Avoid Recorded Statements

Another question they may ask you is if you are willing to make a recorded statement. This is rare, but not impossible. In case you are asked, it is best to decline. Doing so, especially when you are still in shock after the accident, you risk making statements that can be used to discredit your claim later on. However, if this is a requirement in your policy and not providing one may jeopardize your claim, you may, but always stick to facts and never admit fault in any way.

A more likely scenario is that the other driver’s insurance provider will ask you to make a recorded statement. In this case, it is a must to decline.

Don’t Admit Fault

As mentioned earlier, you must never admit that the accident was your fault in any way. Do not make statements about assumptions or opinions about what may have caused the accident. For example, do not say “I was distracted for a moment and next thing I know…” because those will most probably be used to pin the accident on you.

Do Not Self-Diagnose Injuries

One of the questions they will ask is if you were hurt. Right after the accident, you may not feel any pain because you are still under an adrenaline rush. It is best to wait until the paramedics have taken a look at you. In many cases, the full extent of your injuries cannot be determined until you have seen a doctor. While you have not confirmed simply state that you were hurt but are not yet sure of the full extent of the injuries and will wait for the doctor’s report.

Do Not Offer Information You Were Not Asked Or Are Not Sure About

Do not get chatty with the insurance agent and give them pieces of information that they did not ask, even if you think it is relevant. These, too, may be twisted and used later on against you. Likewise, if they asked you a question that you’re not sure about, do not give them an assumption. Simply state that you do not have the information at the moment.

Being involved in a car crash is a difficult and stressful time. The laws and processes surrounding insurance claims can be confusing. At this crucial moment, you need to get someone who is purely on your side to guide you. Hire a car accident lawyer in Florida right away to help you from the start to the end of your case. Contact us today.

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Questions To Expect From Your Insurance Provider After An Auto Accident In Palmetto

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