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Reasons Why A Person Should Hire An Attorney Following A Dog Bite

Not all pet bites or scratches will require medical attention, but sometimes, the incidents lead to severe injuries. For instance, sharp teeth puncture the skin, tear ligaments, and result in muscle damages that can hinder a person’s movements. A dog bite will also affect a person mentally. They may need years of counseling or therapy to overcome fears and put their mind at ease. It is estimated that there are approximately 80-million canines in the United States alone. These pooches become extended members of our families, provide companionship, and protect homes or businesses nationwide. However, even the most mild-mannered, friendly, and trustworthy pet can lash out and attack without any warning.

In fact, around 4,500,000 people become bitten in the United States each year. Unfortunately, roughly 885,000 of those incidents are so harsh, that the person must seek medical help. Some folks even wind up needing reconstructive surgery and physical therapy to recover from the bite fully. Of course, there are more drastic consequences associated with attacks too. For instance, it is possible for a victim to lose their life.

The costs of doctor visits, numerous prescriptions, and other recovery appointments will start adding up quickly. Plus, if you are missing work because of the injury, your budget will already be pushed to the max. Therefore, if a person sustains a dog bite, they may find taking legal action to be in their best interest. Owners are almost always held liable for any pet bites that happen on public and private properties. In cases where the dog is at a groomer or kennel, these institutions will accept ownership during that time. However, if a minor is in possession of the pooch, a person under 18-years of age, responsibility will revert to the parents or guardian. Give us a call and schedule an appointment at one of our offices to discover your options today. The facilities are located at…

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The Florida legal system is complicated, law jargon is complex, and the entire process can feel quite overwhelming. Our attorneys have over 100-years of combined experience, and they have represented many members of the community during this period with great success. The team goes above and beyond to provide professional, prompt service, but they are also friendly and make the client experience as comfortable as possible. It is not hard to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but we always treat everyone with the utmost courtesy, respect, and compassion. After all, if a person is visiting the office, they have already been through enough.

Tips For Dog Owners To Avoid Lawsuits

When going for a walk in the park, or a run down your favorite hiking trail, keep your pooch on a leash. Owners may even want to consider muzzling their pets for extra protection. These actions will ensure that the canine stays by your side, and the latter prevents them from being able to snap in the first place. While these things are vital for keeping other people safely out of harm’s way, they also protect the pet and help your family avoid having to go through a challenging experience. Additionally, owner liability may be reduced if it is proven that the bite victim acted negligently or recklessly and antagonized the attack.

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Reasons Why A Person Should Hire An Attorney Following A Dog Bite

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