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The Most Common Causes Of Car Crashes In Sarasota County

Obviously, there are loads and loads of reasons why car crashes happen in Sarasota County, and probably way more than will be listed here. However, more often than not, the negligent actions of motorists are to blame. Of course, anyone could just say that and hope others believe them, but there are statistics to back up our claims.

The publication we are referring to is the Sarasota County 2020 Crash Summary Report. It was prepared by the Sarasota County Public Works Department, and the Traffic Engineering Department. So, you can rest assured that the stats coming to you are from credible sources. Now, let’s look at some of the top reasons why wrecks happen in the area

Careless Driving

First and foremost, careless driving is the most common driver violation in Sarasota County. The report shows that 6,570 crashes were caused by people operating motor vehicles in careless or negligent ways.

Recklessness/negligence comes in various forms including but not limited to texting and driving, driving under the influence, and speeding.

Failed To Yield The Right Of Way

Motorists must yield the right of way to pedestrians at intersections. They must also yield the right of way to traffic already in or at an intersection when they arrive. One might not think these situations would arise quite as often as they do. However, the report states that there were 1,833 crashes, resulting from failure to yield the right of way in 2020.

Followed Too Closely

The answer for how closely you should follow behind another car will vary. But one driver’s handbook suggests that motorists need to keep a minimum of three to four seconds behind traffic. Plus, it says operators must add an additional second for unusual conditions and weather. So, how many times was following too closely to blame for Sarasota County collisions in 2020? This issue was responsible for 781 incidents that year.

Failed To Keep In Proper Lane

Most motorists in Sarasota County and elsewhere have probably been guilty of drifting into another lane of traffic on occasion. Perhaps you’re daydreaming, eating, or changing the radio station when the incident occurs. Then again, maybe you even got distracted by your phone ahead of swerving into the lane next to you. Drivers must make it a point to keep their focus on their driving so we can cut down on such situations. The Crash Summary Report reveals that failure to keep proper lane was responsible for 389 Sarasota County accidents in 2020.

Improper Backing

Next, rounding out our list at number five is improper backing. Those who receive tickets for improper backing often hold CDL licenses. Think tractor-trailer operators, school bus drivers, dump truck drivers, and others of that sort. However, anyone can be cited for things like backing their vehicle upon a shoulder or roadway of any limited access facility or backing into and interfering with traffic in an unsafe manner. In 2020, there were 320 accidents caused by improper backing. 

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The Most Common Causes Of Car Crashes In Sarasota County

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