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Research Shows That Drivers Between The Ages Of 21 And 24 Are Commonly Involved In Accidents Around Florida

The 2018 Traffic Crash Facts from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reveal that drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 were involved in numerous crashes for three years. Yes, teens and other young adults get into auto accidents, but the figures for that specific group really stand out. In 2018, 21- to 24-year-old drivers accounted for 64,848 crashes, and the next closest was for 18- to 20-year-olds with 47,067.

Motor vehicle operators between 21 and 24 led in crashes among teens and young adults in 2017 as well. They were in 66,378 accidents that year. In 2016, it was the same old story, as 67,885 incidents involving 21- to 24-year-old drivers occurred. Perhaps those young motorists need more experience behind the wheel. Then again, maybe they are just more willing to take risks.

Regardless of why those events are happening, Floridians should put their heads on swivels when they are driving around town. They need to utilize defensive and safe driving practices too. With any luck, they will be able to avoid crashes with other drivers. Victims shouldn’t fret if the events are not avoidable. Instead, they should read on to learn how auto accident lawyers can be of assistance.

Car Crash Attorneys Recover Compensation For Injured Victims

If you sustain injuries in an accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you might be entitled to fair compensation for your damages regardless of the other person’s age. Speeding, distracted driving, drunk driving, drowsy driving, and more are considered negligent acts. Proving that those happened is not always easy, though. That is where having an auto accident lawyer on your side comes in handy.

Our attorneys have recovered over five hundred million dollars for accident victims. They have also successfully resolved more than 10,000 accident injury cases. So give us a call if you become injured in a crash. We will be happy to fight on your behalf and recover the money you deserve. Our firm has offices conveniently located throughout Florida:

• Bradenton, Sarasota, And St. Petersburg
• Venice, Englewood, And West Bradenton
• Port Charlotte, Lakewood Ranch, And South Sarasota
• Fort Myers, Lakeland, And Arcadia

Ensure That You Have The Financial Means To Get Better

Car crashes often leave people with significant injuries. Common ones include but are not limited to broken bones, lacerations, burns, and brain injuries. Victims sometimes need surgeries, prolonged care, and therapy following an accident, and they may be unable to return to work right away. With no money coming in, it can be challenging for them to cover rent and groceries from month to month. In such scenarios, lots of folks have to put their recoveries on hold as they simply do not have the financial means to pay for healthcare.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though, at least when someone’s negligence caused the accident. We are here to help. Our team builds strong lawsuits by collecting witness statements, driver histories, and police reports. Our professionals also have access to various experts who can provide testimonies and recreate accident scenes.

On a final note, personal injury cases are paid on a contingency fee basis. That means victims only pay when our partners recover compensation. Plus, we offer free case reviews. After all, nobody should have to break the bank just to discover if they have a claim. Friendly, professional, and trustworthy representation is only a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to schedule your case evaluation today.

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Research Shows That Drivers Between The Ages Of 21 And 24 Are Commonly Involved In Accidents Around Florida

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