Rising Stars Attorney Daniel Murphy & Christina Walsh JD., Publish Trucking Accident Article In The Lawyers LogBOOK.

An article co-written by Attorney Daniel A. Murphy Esq., and Christina Walsh JD, has been published in the 2017-2018 edition of The Lawyer’s LogBOOK.

Endorsed by the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America or APITLA, The Lawyer’s LogBOOK is an annual magazine featuring articles by the nation’s best trucking accident attorneys and foremost industry experts on commercial trucking accident litigation.

Entitled, ‘Is it a Potato or Tomato? How to know when you are Dealing with Interstate or Intrastate Rules on Commercial Vehicle?,’ the article brings attention to the increasing amount of serious and fatal accidents arising from Commercial Motor Vehicles from both interstate long-range trucking and intrastate, medium to short-range trucking. The study found that there were over 415,000 Commercial Motor Vehicles traffic crashes last year, resulting in 3,598 deaths and 83,000 seriously injured individuals.

Also highlighted by the article were the many factors involved in these accidents such as negligence, aggressive driving, fatigue, texting while driving, pressure to make deadlines, drug or alcohol abuse, and speeding, to name a few. Additionally the mechanical conditions of the trucks themselves can be an important factor, especially for trucks that drive thousands of miles per week and hundreds of hours of operation.

Attorney Daniel Murphy had this to say about the article, “Having represent clients injured from trucking accidents at Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh, we have seen the devastating effects of trucking crashes up close and at a personal level. With these accidents becoming more and more common, we felt strongly that more in the personal injury legal community should be aware of just how serious the issues related to trucking crashes are. APITLA is a phenomenal organization dedicated to improving the safety of our nations roads by reigning in negligent trucking companies, and The Lawyer’s LogBOOK is the perfect way for us to have our message reach other firms who may be in a position to help protect the rights of drivers and passengers. I’d like to thank Christina Walsh for her working with me to write this article and APITLA for helping to strengthen the legal community’s fight for safer trucking.”

Rising Stars Attorney Daniel Murphy & Christina Walsh JD., Publish Trucking Accident Article In The Lawyers LogBOOK

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