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Florida Road Rage Crashes: Common Causes And What You Should Do

While driving can be enjoyable, there are moments when it becomes stressful. That is often the case when there is congested traffic, especially if you are in a hurry.

Your mood as a driver can affect your behavior. For some drivers, the situation can turn dangerous and cause catastrophic road rage traffic accidents.

Road Rage: What It Is

Road rage accidents often lead to serious injuries that require huge medical expenses. In some cases, it may even cause injuries that will forever affect the victims or even death.

Many people use the word road rage as a driving term that refers to drivers who act aggressively on the road. But what does it really mean?

Generally, it means explosive anger a driver feels because of certain incidents or inconveniences they experience while driving. Usually, the raging person feels they have been wronged. That is when they let their anger get the better of them. Then, they take revenge on the person or individuals they think have wronged them.

There are instances when road rage only results in shouting obscenities. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, road rage can lead to car crashes. In fact, around 1 in 3 collisions involve road rage.

Common Forms

Every person’s response to a stressful event is different. So, it is hard to determine how other motorists will react when they feel that they are being disrespected.

Road rage is often a manifestation of a person’s inability to control oneself when faced with extreme emotions. Thus, their behavior can be unpredictable. That said, there are common forms often seen on the road:

• Blocking traffic
• Cutting off other vehicles on purpose
• Driving on the sidewalk
• Following the person they think has wronged them
• Honking
• Initiating confrontation outside the vehicles
• Intentionally ramming
• Rude gestures
• Speeding
• Tailgating
• Weaving
• Yelling

Possible Causes

As stated earlier, road rage involves explosive anger due to certain triggers while on the road. It becomes serious because the driver feels the need to enact revenge on the supposed wrongdoer.

Finding out the root cause of such irresponsible behavior can be difficult. However, there are common factors related to road rage incidents.

Impatience – One of the most common causes of road rage is impatience. Impatient drivers are likely to drive carelessly. They may be running late for an appointment. Some may think their appointment is more important than other motorists’ schedules.

Heavy Traffic – Sitting in traffic can be a cause of impatience, which in turn can lead to frustration. Even small inconveniences may be a trigger for people who are easily angered.

Distracted Driving – Texting while driving or engaging in any activity that can distract the driver from the road can lead to erratic driving or swerving. This affects other motorists. It can also trigger an easily angered person, which can cause road rage or fighting.

Hiding Behind Anonymity – Knowing that the other motorists do not know who they are or that they will never interact in a different setting can embolden some drivers to become less apprehensive about tailgating, honking, cutting off, or making rude gestures.

Are You a Victim of Road Rage Crash?

There are various ways to avoid turning a road rage incident into a confrontation. You need to stay calm. Do not provoke the raging driver. Maintain a safe distance from them. Try to avoid them as much as possible. However, do it safely. Do not stop unless there is a stop sign. If all of these fail and the raging driver continues to harass or tailgate you, pull over into the nearest police station.

In case you become a victim of a road rage crash, on the other hand, you need to ensure that you are protecting your claim. First, write down as many details as you can. For instance, include the time and place where the accident happened. What did the raging driver do? Did they say anything to you? Are there injured people? Second, if possible, take pictures. These can serve as evidence. However, do not provoke the other driver.

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Florida Road Rage Crashes: Common Causes And What You Should Do

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