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Safe Driving Tips For Bradenton Motorists On Manatee County’s Dangerous Roads

Have you been driving in Bradenton for a while now? If that’s the case, you probably noticed all the new construction – gated neighborhoods, commercial buildings, and road work on I-75 has made traffic worse than ever, and more stressful. With the extra activity and construction on our roads, intersections along major routes like US 301, 14th Street West, and Tamiami Trail have had more fatal crashes than in previous years. Florida drivers will have to be more careful than ever to avoid getting involved in an accident. After all, you aren’t the only person behind the wheel, and you have no control over what other drivers do. Florida’s streets are full of drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians, and many of them are on their phones, speeding, weaving through lanes on I-75, Jay-Walking at night, or have just come from Happy Hour at the local pub. With crashes, all it takes is one mistake for your life to be turned upside-down.

When a driver’s negligence leaves you seriously injured in Bradenton Florida, you might have the grounds to seek compensation for the damages. If you’d like to determine if you have a legitimate claim, contact the law firm of Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh. The company offers free case reviews. Hence, you can find our what’s what without spending a dime.

But what if we try something a little different here? Let’s look into some safe driving tips that Bradenton drivers can use to avoid accidents. Then, with any luck, we’ll have fewer crashes, injuries, and deaths in and around our state.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

All modern vehicles are equipped with seat belts. The items often prevent people from getting seriously hurt in auto accidents. Not only that, but they save lives too. In fact, research shows that these devices saved an estimated 14,955 lives in 2017 alone. For the most part, Americans understand the importance of seat belts and wear them. The national use rate in 2021 stood at 90.4-percent. However, that number also shows that some people still aren’t buckling up. Make sure that you aren’t one of them and wear your seat belt appropriately. That will ensure you don’t get thrown from the vehicle, hit your face on the dash, or fly through the windshield.

Avoid Drinking And Driving

It can be tempting to hang out at a friend’s house, a bar, or somewhere else to kick back and have some beers to relax and unwind. Then again, maybe you’re into shots or twisted drinks. Whatever the situation, if you have one too many, it is best not to get behind the wheel, and that shouldn’t be a problem today. There are plenty of ways to get home or to other locations to keep the party going safely. For example, hailing a cab is an option, or you can always pull out your smartphone and order an Uber.

Or, are you unsure of getting into a vehicle with a stranger? You can call a friend or relative to drive you around if need be. The point is that there are too many ways to get home these days that there is no sense in you getting behind the wheel inebriated.

Keep Your Foot Out Of The Gas Pedal

When people start heading places in their cars, some of them stick to speed limits. However, others seem to put the pedal to the metal each and every time. They want to go fast and get arrive at their destinations before anyone else. Meanwhile, various individuals simply get lost in the moment and speed without realizing it.

Perhaps they hear their favorite songs on the radio, begin to sing along, and drive way above posted speeds by accident. It really doesn’t matter why speeding occurs. It is one of the top causes of car crashes in the United States. Bradenton drivers should do their best to stick to the speed limit no matter what. That could save them a lot of pain and misery in the long run.

Do You Need An Attorney?

Hopefully, these tips will keep auto accidents at bay for you. However, if you need legal representation following a crash with a negligent driver, just know that we are only a phone call away. Thus, whenever you require our services, don’t hesitate to contact our Bradenton law firm.

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Safe Driving Tips For Bradenton Motorists On Manatee County’s Dangerous Roads

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