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Safe Driving Tips To Avoid Some Of The Most Common Southwest Florida Car Accidents

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According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department an average of 650 auto accidents occur each and every day in Florida, including the Southwest Florida area. While not all accidents can be avoided, there are things you can do to protect yourself and limit your chances of winding up in an accident on any given day. Smart, safe, and defensive driving gives you a chance to avoid negligent drivers on the road while ensuring you don’t become a negligent driver yourself.

Auto accidents in Florida cost drivers billions each year, and more serious accidents require more serious measures to ensure you get the compensation you need for a full recovery. Adapting these safe driving tips not only keeps you safe, it ensures you don’t run into the financial hardships a difficult accident can cause.

Some safe driving tips to help you to avoid some of the most common Southwest Florida car accidents are:

  •  Fender Benders – Fender benders, or rear-end collisions are usually relatively minor, but they can come along with some soft tissue injures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Avoiding being the cause of a rear-end collision or fender bender is simple; pay close attention to the road, don’t allow yourself to be distracted, and never follow too closely especially in inclement weather. To avoid finding yourself hit from behind by a negligent driver, take notice if drivers behind you are following too closely or seem distracted while on the road. Allow these drivers to pass or find a short alternate route or detour to get away if possible.
  • Parked vehicle damage – You don’t have to be actively on the road to wind up with vehicle damage. Parked car damage is a common reason to file an insurance claim in Southwest Florida. To avoid parking lot accidents, try to avoid the busiest parts of a parking lot, don’t park on the street near intersections or driveways if you can help it, and make sure to aim for the center of a parking spot not sandwiched between two other vehicles.
  • Accidents at intersections – Accidents that take place at intersections are often some of the most serious auto accident cases in Southwest Florida. Often caused by distracted driving, vehicles will be going at higher speeds and may collide with any portion of another oncoming vehicle. This may result in T-bone crashes, rollovers, and head-on collisions. Defensive driving can help you to avoid being in an intersection accident with a negligent driver. Take it slow, look in all directions and be ready to break when going through intersection spaces. To avoid causing an intersection crash, never drive while distracted and keep a keen eye on all traffic signs, lights, and signals.
  • Single vehicle accidents – Accidents can happen even when drivers believe that they’re doing everything right. An animal may pop out into the middle of the road, a curve may be a little curvier than you expected, or roadway conditions could be more hazardous than you’ve bargained for. To avoid single vehicle accidents it’s important to always maintain a safe speed for the conditions of the roadway and to keep a keen watch on all obstacles that may be coming from all sides. Speeding is one of the single most common causes of single vehicle accidents.

Whether you’ve been in any sort of accident within the Sarasota/Bradenton area, it’s important to have the representation you need. If you’re looking for a professional to represent you after your Southwest Florida auto accident, contact us at to learn more today.

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Safe Driving Tips To Avoid Some Of The Most Common Southwest Florida Car Accidents

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