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Sarasota Auto Accident Attorney – Answering Your Legal Questions

As a resident of Florida’s Suncoast, you likely spend considerable time behind the wheel. These days with season in full-swing that means a lot more time stuck in a traffic jam on I-75, waiting for a light on University Parkway, or at the left turn lane at Bee Ridge Road and Tamiami Trail. While most trips on Sarasota roads pass without incident, accidents can and do happen. If you’ve been involved in a collision, you probably have questions about the next steps. Should you hire an attorney? How much might representation cost? Is there a time limit to take action? This article provides answers from the experienced auto accident attorneys at Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh. We will help you with insights into Florida’s personal injury laws so you can make informed decisions to protect your rights after an unfortunate driving mishap.

Should I Hire an Auto Accident Attorney in Sarasota After a Car Accident?

After being involved in an auto accident, you may be wondering if you should hire an attorney to help you through the legal process. The short answer is yes, hiring a car accident attorney is highly recommended for several reasons:

Legal Expertise

An experienced car accident attorney has the expertise to determine who is at fault, handle communication with insurance companies, and pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses. They understand Florida’s personal injury laws and legal procedures to build the strongest case possible.

Fair Settlement

Insurance companies want to settle accident claims for as little money as possible. An attorney will fight for the maximum settlement you deserve to cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other accident-related expenses. They know how to calculate the true value of your claim and will not be pressured into accepting a lowball offer.

Less Stress

Dealing with insurance companies and managing a personal injury claim can be extremely stressful. An attorney will handle all communication and paperwork for you so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. They will walk you through each step of the legal process so you know what to expect.

Contingency Fee Basis

Most personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation and work on a contingency fee basis, taking a percentage of your settlement only if you win. This means you typically do not have to pay any upfront or out-of-pocket fees to hire an attorney. Their fee will come out of your settlement, so you have nothing to lose by seeking their counsel.

In summary, the answer to the question of “Should You Hire an Auto Accident Attorney”, after being in a crash in Sarasota is simple – yes it’s a  smart decision. They have the legal knowledge and skills to get you the maximum compensation you deserve while reducing stress and financial burden. If someone else caused your accident, don’t go through this difficult process alone. Seek the help of a professional.

How Much Does a Sarasota Car Accident Attorney Charge?

In Sarasota, the typical fees charged by auto accident attorneys range from 33% to 40% of the total settlement amount. Under a contingency fee arrangement, a Florida car accident lawyer will typically charge between 25% and 33%. The Florida Bar has established an attorney’s fee at 33 1/3 percent for any recovery up to $1 million if you settle your case prior to filing a lawsuit.

Fees may be higher if a case goes to trial or for very complex cases. However, some attorneys may also negotiate their contingency fees. It is best to ask about fees upfront and get details of the fee agreement in writing before hiring an attorney. Some things that may affect an attorney’s fees include:

  • The severity of injuries and amount of damage
  • The number of parties involved
  • The insurance coverage available
  • The need to hire expert witnesses
  • If a lawsuit needs to be filed

Hiring an experienced auto accident attorney in Sarasota to handle your claim is often the smartest decision you can make after an accident. Although attorneys’ fees may seem high, an attorney can help maximize your settlement amount by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The attorney’s knowledge and experience in negotiating with insurance companies and in litigation can make a huge difference in the outcome. Their fees are usually a small percentage of the total additional compensation they are able to obtain for you.

While attorney’s fees may vary, the benefits of hiring an attorney usually far outweigh the costs. An attorney can handle all communication with insurance companies and work to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries and other damages.

What Is the Deadline to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident in Florida?

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision in Florida, it is in your best interest to retain the services of a personal injury attorney as promptly as possible. Florida’s statute of limitations for car accident claims is two years from the date of the accident. This means you have a strict deadline of two years to either settle your claim or file a lawsuit to pursue financial compensation for your damages.

  • Failure to take action within this limited time period will likely bar you from recovering any damages. It is always in your best interest to consult with an attorney soon after an accident to understand your legal rights and options fully.
  • Do not delay in contacting a car accident attorney. Reach out for a free case evaluation and consultation immediately. The sooner your attorney can begin investigating your claim and gathering evidence, the stronger your case will be. Memories fade over time, witnesses disappear, and critical evidence can be lost.
  • An experienced car accident lawyer can walk you through the legal process, handle all communication with insurance companies on your behalf, determine the full extent of your damages, and fight to recover the maximum compensation you deserve. They understand how to build a compelling case and have a track record of success in representing clients in settlement negotiations and litigation.
  • Personal injury attorneys typically do not charge any upfront fees and work on a contingency basis. This means they only get paid if they recover compensation for you. Fees are deducted from your final settlement or court award. The specific percentage depends on the stage at which your claim settles.

Do not delay—contact a reputable Sarasota car accident attorney today to schedule your free consultation and ensure you do not miss critical deadlines. The sooner you act, the better positioned you will be to recover fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

When to Hire a Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

After a car accident in Florida, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Florida statute of limitations requires filing a car accident lawsuit within two years of the incident date. However, the sooner you retain legal counsel, the better.

A Sarasota car accident lawyer can advise you on appropriate steps to take following a collision to build a strong case, including:

  • Collecting details from other drivers and witnesses
  • Documenting the scene with photos and video
  • Seeking initial medical evaluation and care
  • Notifying relevant insurance companies

Your attorney can handle communications with insurance companies on your behalf and work to recover damages for injuries, vehicle repairs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They can determine appropriate settlement amounts and pursue litigation if needed.

The optimal time to hire a car accident attorney is within days or weeks following the accident. Waiting too long risks forgetting important details, evidence disappearing, and the Florida statute of limitations expiring. However, if time has passed, contacting an attorney promptly is still advised to discuss your options and legal rights regarding the incident.

While attorneys do charge for their services, many offer free initial consultations and work on contingency — taking a percentage of the settlement amount only if you win your case. Fees typically range from 25 to 40 percent of the total settlement. The exact fee depends on the complexity and specifics of your situation.

If you’ve been in an auto accident in Florida, contact Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh as soon as possible. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will evaluate your case at no cost and help you pursue maximum compensation. Don’t delay – call today.

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At Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh, our dedicated team of accident and personal injury attorneys provides zealous representation to clients who have been harmed due to the negligence of others. With over 150 years of collective legal experience, our firm has successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for victims of automobile accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, and wrongful death throughout Florida.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an accident, time is of the essence. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our award-winning lawyers will evaluate the details of your unique case, determine fault and liability, and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. We do not collect any fees unless we win your case.

Should legal action be necessary, our accomplished trial attorneys have the experience, skills, and resources to represent you aggressively in court. However, we often resolve cases through negotiated settlements to avoid unnecessary delays and provide quick relief for our clients. Either way, you can rest assured that you will have a dedicated team fighting tirelessly for your rights and interests.

Don’t delay – the sooner you hire qualified legal counsel, the better. Florida’s statute of limitations restricts the time period for filing personal injury lawsuits. Call us now at 941-954-1234 or fill out our online contact form. Your initial consultation is free, and there are never any upfront costs to retain our services. We work on contingency, so we only get paid if you win fair compensation.

Justice and accountability are not guaranteed in our legal system. At Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh, we have dedicated our careers to tipping the scales in favor of innocent victims and holding negligent parties responsible for the harm they cause. Put our experience, skills, and track record of success to work for you today.

Working with an experienced auto accident attorney can make all the difference after a crash in Florida. They can help protect your rights, maximize your compensation, and take care of the legal complexities so you can focus on recovery. By understanding when to hire a lawyer, what they charge, and your options if sued, you can make informed decisions. Protect yourself and your family by seeking qualified legal counsel. With the right attorney by your side, you don’t have to face the aftermath alone.

Attorney David Goldman has a strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and those with the means should do what they can to bring justice in all areas of our society. That belief has led him to help Florida's injured from being taken advantage of by corporations and insurance companies. Since 1989 David Goldman has been fighting for the rights of Floridians both as an attorney and by personally supporting our community.

Sarasota Auto Accident Attorney – Answering Your Legal Questions

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