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Sarasota Woman Critically Injured After Crash On Swift Road Friday Morning

SARASOTA – Florida Highway Patrol announced that two people were injured after being involved in a serious car accident on Swift Road Friday morning.

The crash began as a 39-year-old man was driving a sedan heading north on Swift Road in the left lane approaching a driveway located on the east side at 5501 Swift Road.

As the 39-year-old man approached the intersection with the driveway, an 86-year-old woman from Sarasota was in a sedan and stopped at the driveway.

At 10:00 AM the 86-year-old woman entered Swift Road from the east side attempting to make a left turn and drove directly into the path of the oncoming sedan.

The front of the sedan driven by the 39-year-old man crashed into the left side of the car driven by the 86-year-old man at speed.

The force of the collision caused the 86-year-old woman to be seriously injured and he was transported to a local hospital where he was listed as being in critical condition.

The driver of the sedan heading north on Swift also sustained minor injuries in the accident.

FHP has stated that crash continues to be under investigation.

Updated 5/27/24:

Tragically, the FHP has announced that the 86-year-old woman critically injured in the crash has succumbed to her injuries, and was pronounced deceased at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.


We originally reported in this crash that the 86-year-old person was male, however, this was in error, and the driver of the sedan that attempted to cross Swift Road was a woman. We apologize for any confusion and urge all readers to always check twice before changing lanes or making a left turn across traffic.

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Sarasota Woman Critically Injured After Crash On Swift Road Friday Morning

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