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The Most Frequent Causes Of Commercial Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailers are enormous when compared to passenger vehicles. They have to be in order to transport various goods across the United States. The trucks are used for moving food, beverages, household essentials, and so much more.

With them, stores can stay stocked all year round. In turn, consumers can purchase items as needed for themselves and their families. Big rigs also carry things such as:

• Trees
• Chemicals
• Gasoline
• Electronics

The point is that tractor-trailers are essential. They keep America rolling and help the economy thrive. However, when accidents occur with them involved, the scenes are often chaotic because of their sheer size and weight.

People in smaller cars, trucks, and SUVs can be left with severe injuries following a trucking accident. The same can be said for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who get struck by big rigs. The ailments they can experience vary from one situation to the next, but some of the more common ones include the following:

• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Paralysis
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Burns
• Lacerations

When truck driver negligence comes to fruition, victims may be entitled to fair compensation. It is usually easier said than done to recover fair restitution, though. That is where a truck accident attorney can help. The professional has what it takes to build strong cases against the negligent party or parties through witness statements, cell phone records, black box data, and more.

Floridians can contact our office to schedule free case reviews. They should not have to spend their life savings just to see where their claims stand. Additionally, clients only pay when compensation is recovered. So please do not delay any longer if a truck driver’s negligent actions have left you injured. Instead, give us a call today.

Negligence comes in many shapes and sizes. The following sections will focus on neglect and how it can cause accidents. Thus, curious readers should stick around and read on to learn more.

Drowsy Driving

It is no secret that truck drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Although there are laws that are supposed to prevent them from working too many hours, some choose to push their limits. They do so to earn more money, but they really shouldn’t as fatigued driving can enter the picture in the blink of an eye. Nodding off can cause their trucks to swerve into other lanes and strike cars. The events can lead to head-on or rear-end collisions. Tractor-trailers can also side-swipe vehicles or hit pedestrians when their operators doze off. Drowsy driving is a form of negligence and one that triggers lawsuits.

Drunk Driving

Most truckers probably do not operate their trucks after consuming alcohol, but anything is possible. For instance, let’s say that a driver stops at a Mexican restaurant to grab a bite to eat, and once inside, they decide to have a few margaritas. Instead of crawling in the sleeper afterward, they choose to get behind the wheel and take off. They end up swerving from line to line but do not notice it. Then, they slam into the side of a car.

Drinking and driving is another type of negligence that could leave a person or their family needing a truck accident attorney.

Distracted Driving

All sorts of things can take people’s attention away from the road. However, for these purposes, we will discuss cell phones and texting. It is never a good idea to text and drive. Reading and writing messages while operating a piece of machinery is just asking for trouble. Yet, motorists, including truck drivers, do those things daily.

When a person’s eyes are glued to the screen of their phone instead of their surroundings, they can hit cars, bicycles, motorcycles, or people. If a truck driver’s distracted driving has caused your wreck and injuries, contact a personal injury attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

During his time as a public attorney for the State of Florida, Bernard Walsh developed a passion for defending the legal rights of Florida's citizens. Having seen many people being taken advantage of after being injured and the financial harm that can cause for families he committed himself fully to helping injured clients get justice, by fighting to make greedy insurance companies pay what they owe.

The Most Frequent Causes Of Commercial Truck Accidents

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