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Some Cooking Spray Cans Are Exploding

Defective products are upsetting for anyone. When you spend your hard earned money on something that you hope works as intended, and it doesn’t, you feel let down. But when you spend money on something, you use it as intended, and it results in you or someone in your household coming to harm, that’s not only disappointing, it’s shocking, often requires medical attention, and leaves you in a situation where you’re much worse off than you were before.

This is what has been happening in some parts of the USA lately as some people using a popular brand of cooking spray known as “Pam,” have been injured by this product when it explodes while in use.

An Economy Size Problem

Pam is a cooking spray that is meant to add convenience to cooking. Rather than adding in an uneven layer of cooking oil manually to a pan, pot, or even BBQ grill, a spray can of cooking air quickly adds a thin, even layer of cooking oil that allows people to get to the cooking faster. The Pam brand of cooking spray, now in the care of a company known as Conagra Brands, has been on sale in America for over 50 years.

Now there is a defect with some types of cooking spray the company has on the shelves. The smaller, six ounce can of cooking spray does not have any reported issues thus far, and this is the product most commonly seen in grocery stores. However, the “economy size” spray can, a larger version at 10 ounces, has a u-shaped vent in the bottom, and this may make the can more vulnerable to explosions.

Around The Country

So far in the USA, eight people have already been injured by exploding 10-ounce cans of Pam. One woman, in a particularly horrific injury, was wearing contact lenses when the can exploded near her face, and the heat was so intense it nearly blinded her when a contact lens was almost “cooked” on her eye.

Explosions of 10 ounce Pam cans have been reported in Texas, Louisiana, and Ohio. This particular model is only available at larger, wholesale stores such as Costco that sell “economy” versions of products with larger capacities.

Interestingly, however, the 10-ounce can that may be problematic, while not recalled, has already been discontinued. Conagra claims that a newer 10-ounce can, without the vent system, is already on store shelves. However, they claim this new can was simply the result of wanting to standardize cans and was not a preemptive response to the defect or a product recall.

A Lawsuit In The Making

Because Conagra Brands is based in Chicago, multiple lawsuits are now being filed in the Cook County Circuit. Conagra Brands is, for the moment, claiming that the products are safe, provided they are only used as intended, and not left too close to sources of heat. The plaintiffs are, unsurprisingly, claiming that this is a defective product that has resulted in harm, and they are suing for personal injury due to a defective product. Only time will tell what the court finally decides in this case.

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Some Cooking Spray Cans Are Exploding

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