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Stay Road Safe On Sarasota’s Busy Neighborhood Roadways

If there is one thing the Sarasota, Florida region has seen a lot of lately its growth. With the growth in neighborhoods, you’re also going to see a lot more people on the road, especially in the University Parkway area will all the new gated communities and multi-family housing. As more families and retirees move to the Sarasota area to settle in and call it home, we have more roadway congestion, more distracted driving, and more motorists who might not always be sure exactly where they’re going. Unfortunately growing communities like the Sarasota area will also experience a growth rate of auto accidents, but there are things you can do to keep yourself safe and at low risk.

Neighborhood Specific Risks

There are certain risks that come along with driving on country roads, with driving in cities, with going on the freeway – and driving in busy communities. These neighborhoods will require specific driving skills to navigate safely, and knowing what skills to hone in on takes learning just what these risks really are.

Below is a list of the 5 most crash-prone areas in Sarasota County:

  • Bee Ridge Rd At Beneva Rd
  • Lockwood Ridge Rd at 17th St
  • River Rd At Winchester Blvd
  • Proctor Rd At Cattlemen Rd
  • US 41 At McIntosh Rd

more: the top 20 most dangerous roads intersections in Sarasota County

First and foremost, communities and neighborhoods will have a lot of pedestrians, and not all of these pedestrians will be paying close attention to what’s going on around them. For this reason, motorists must keep an eye out on children, families, and adults crossing streets at any given time, as well as vehicles in front of them that may come to a stop quickly. While ideally people would only cross at crosswalks and corners, this isn’t always the case.

Areas like downtown Sarasota, the Museum area, and the West Of The Trail neighborhoods all have a higher chance of encountering pedestrians.

There’s also a misconception that neighborhoods and busy communities are “safer”, which means drivers may be more likely to drive distracted. While a motorist may not feel comfortable digging into a cheeseburger, making a quick call, or putting on makeup as they go upwards of 70 miles per hour on the highway, this is something they could consider while going more slowly through a residential area. It’s important to keep a keen eye on distracted or potentially distracted drivers.

Tips For Road Safety In Residential Communities Around Sarasota

Knowing a few of the big risks, the next step should be thinking about the tips you can use to stay safe and confident on the road in these growing communities. Some of these tips include:

• Keep the volume down and listen closely – Residential areas tend to be quite noisy. You have a lot of traffic noise through intersections and neighborhoods, you might have noise from children playing on the sidewalks, and if there’s any events going on in the area, that’s going to cause some noise, too. Sight and hearing are two crucial senses we use to drive safely, so taking one of those away can create dangerous situations. When in a busy area, or near an intersection, make sure the radio is kept low and your hearing is focused on the road.

• Keep a safe distance – When driving more slowly through a residential neighborhood, some may think that keeping a good distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them isn’t as much of a priority. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If a child runs into the road, that vehicle may need to stop suddenly, and you don’t want to be caught following too close behind.

• Consider narrow roadways – Residential areas tend to have narrow roadways with traffic coming in both directions. Take it slow and make sure to safely navigate on your side of the road.

• Give the road your attention – A congested neighborhood is no place to drive distracted, even if you think it’s safer because you’re driving more slowly. Keep your attention on the road and any signs of distracted driving you may see around you.

Even if you do everything right, you still may find yourself in an accident in the Sarasota area. If you’re wondering what to do next, contact Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh at today.

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Stay Road Safe On Sarasota’s Busy Neighborhood Roadways

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