Tainted McDonalds Salads Sicken Nearly 300 People In 15 States

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) warned consumers that hundreds of people have been sickened in 15 states after eating salads at McDonalds restaurants.

The illness has been linked to salad greens contaminated with Cyclospora. Symptoms from Cyclospora infections can manifest as long as a week after being exposed. Symptoms are similar to a severe stomach flu and should be treated by a healthcare professional. Typical treatment includes antibiotics.

As of July 26th 2018 286 cases have been reported and 11 people have had to be hospitalized.

It's reported that McDonalds CEO Steve Easterbrook has told USA Today that all the salads that possibly could be tainted have been removed from restaurants and he’s proud of how the chain quickly reacted to the outbreak.” In fact, “as of three days ago, all affected restaurants had been fully replenished with a new supply of lettuce mix...Easterbrook said.”

Despite the reports of McDonalds quick action to remedy the problem we recommend avoiding consuming salads from McDonalds until the product can be confirmed safe – the sickness induced by the Cyclospora parasite is VERY unpleasant and can incapacitate the infected for weeks.


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