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The 5 Most Bizarre Florida Laws

There have been laws passed, worldwide, that may have made sense at one time or another. However, as we look at these laws today, we are often left scratching our heads. Some Florida laws that are still in place today are bizarre and make us laugh upon hearing them. It is important to take into account that although these laws are humorous in nature, they are still enforceable.

5 Strange And Bizarre Florida Laws

1. As you are riding your elephant along through the streets, going about your everyday normal routine, be sure to have change in your pocket to feed the meter. If you tie your elephant to a parking meter, the fee must be paid just like if you were in a vehicle. This may seem funny to most of us, but for those of you that take to the streets with your elephant, make sure you obey all traffic laws.

2. Couples may not permit in “lewd acts” and live together if they are unmarried. This must be a way of promoting family togetherness but if you do not believe in marriage it might put you in a bit of a bind. This puts a whole new perspective on waiting until marriage. Being single just got a lot more complicated. This is another law that is bizarre, but for people that strictly follow and obey the laws, be sure to ask your date about their intentions.

3. Unmarried women are prohibited from parachuting on Sunday. The sacred bond of holy matrimony is strong in the state of Florida. If an unmarried woman does commit this act, she may be fined and can even be arrested. Thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, and parachuting enthusiasts beware. Unmarried women should consider a trip to Las Vegas on the Friday night before they plan to parachute on Sunday. You can be married and back in time for your big jump.

4. This law sounds a little strange but when you think about it, this law does make sense. Doors to public buildings must open outwards. If a problem occurs while you are inside of a public building, like a fire, the outward opening doors allow you to get outside in the most efficient and time effective manner. Doors that open inwards are more likely to become congested and stop the flow of traffic. Before buying that new storefront, check all of the doors to make sure they open the right way and save you a headache in the long run.

5. Women that are planning a trip to the beauty salon should take extra care to get a good night’s sleep the night before. Women that fall asleep under a hair dryer can be fined. Salon owners can also be fined for you deciding to catch some Z’s. Playing on your phone or tablet can provide you with some much-needed entertainment during the drying process. Regardless of what you decide to do to keep yourself entertained, make sure you stay awake and alert.

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The 5 Most Bizarre Florida Laws

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