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The 5 Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle is a favorite form of transport amongst many Floridians. It’s one of the first vehicles people get to try, even as a child, and it becomes a staple of childhood transportation. However, even as an adult, a bicycle can be a fun, useful method of conveyance, made all the more enticing by Florida’s year-long warm weather, which permits its use throughout the seasons.

Unfortunately, a bicycle, while useful, is also incredibly vulnerable. There are no seatbelts, no airbags, or other safety devices that can be built into such a small frame. So whenever an accident with a bicycle does occur, it’s always a losing proposition for the cyclist. Here in Florida, there are the most common reasons that bikes get into accidents.

Making Left Turns

This not just the top cause of bicycle accidents, but the leading cause of accidents in general for other cars and even pedestrians. Drivers are often in a hurry to make a left turn because the window of opportunity to do so legally can be small.

As a result, a driver in a rush to make this turn often fails to check properly for what they may be driving into, including cyclists crossing the road or pedestrians. It’s all too easy to make this mistake quickly and collide with a cyclist. Talk to a bicycle accident lawyer about your personal injury. You can get the legal representation you need to receive the compensation you deserve for your recovery.

Vehicles Using Junctions

Part of roadway design is to have smaller streets the feet into larger roads, and eventually freeways and highways. Cars must make the transition from these junction points by either speeding up or slowing down depending on need.

Switching from smaller roads to larger ones often involves slowing down. If drivers aren’t careful, they may deny cyclists on the road enough time to compensate for their sudden deceleration. This leaves cyclists with the option of colliding with the car or trying to swerve out of the way and crash with something else if they can react fast enough.

Poor Road Conditions

When a vehicle goes over a pothole, it’s a minor bump in the journey that can potentially compromise shock absorption if the abuse continues over a long enough time. However, for a cyclist, a pothole, especially in the dark when it’s harder to see, can be a trigger that sends a cyclist flying.

Everything about road conditions is magnified when applied to cyclists. Poor road conditions that make a drive less smooth for a car can be dangerous and result in severe injuries for people on bicycles.

Vehicle Doors Opening

A hazard to both cyclists and motorcyclists. All too often, drivers and passengers of cars will be in a hurry to disembark once the vehicle has stopped. Suppose the car is parallel parked on a roadway. In that case, this means that anything moving toward the car when the door opens can potentially collide with the doors as they swing open.

Most drivers and passengers will be more concerned with avoiding the big, obvious hazard like another car. However, bicycles are smaller and sometimes not noticed. A car door hitting a cyclist can result in very serious injuries.

Changing Lanes

There is sometimes a need for vehicles to change lanes to prepare to transfer to another road or turn from the appropriate position. Once again, most drivers paying attention to their blind spot are on the lookout for other cars. Bicycles, like motorcycles, are smaller and often easy to miss when focusing on large vehicles. Cars changing lanes can inadvertently collide with bikes, causing an accident.

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The 5 Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

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