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The 5 Types Of Traffic Accidents

Florida has some of the mildest weather in the entire USA, thanks to its extreme southern and coastal location. Unlike the northernmost states, snow seldom happens here. The temperatures remain warm enough even in the winter for people to enjoy all kinds of activities, including boating, visiting amusement parks, and even riding motorcycles.

As a result, traffic in Florida is understandably high. It’s not just people driving to work; it’s relaxing activities like driving for the joy of it, going to recreational activities, and, of course, public transportation and commercial needs such as hauling freight. All of this means that there’s always a chance of a traffic accident occurring somewhere on Florida roads. These are the five most common incidents.

Car Accidents

Far and away, the most common type of traffic accident occurs between two different automobiles, by their SUVs and high-performance sports cars, or some other combination. This is statistically the most likely for one the simple reason that more cars are on the road than any other vehicle.

Auto accidents occur for various reasons, from mechanical defects interfering with road performance to drivers’ carelessness for one split second to a consistent record of reckless driving for others. Fortunately, today’s vehicles have been built with a suite of safety features thanks to decades of accident research. Drivers can now rely on systems like seat belts, anti-lock brakes, and airbags to help mitigate how severe injuries are.

Motorcycle Accidents

On the other end of the spectrum are motorcycles. And while these vehicles don’t appear as frequently on roads as cars, they still traverse Florida roads in more significant numbers than anywhere else in the country, thanks to Florida’s weather making it comparatively easy to ride even in the winter season.

Unfortunately, however, where cars have a plethora of different safety features built into the vehicle’s frame and structure, the small size of motorcycles makes this impossible. Riders can only rely on a helmet for safety, and, if they’re willing to invest, riding leathers that help reduce the seriousness or “road rash” should a rider be dislodged and slide across the road.

Truck Accidents

If a car is a comparatively safe vehicle to get into an accident, a truck is a veritable fortress. A typical freight hauling Mac truck is usually the biggest vehicle on the road, with more size and mass than anything else, especially if you add cargo to the equation.

This means that when a truck gets involved in an accident, other vehicles will almost invariably submit to the truck’s impact, not the other way around. Once a truck builds up momentum, it takes a lot of force to slow it down, let alone stop it. A collision between a car and a truck always results in the car losing.

Additionally, however, accidents can sometimes occur with the freight a truck is hauling. For example, logs can fall loose if not adequately tethered and scatter on the road, leaving vehicles behind the truck in serious jeopardy.

Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle is a favorite form of transport for children everywhere. However, it is also still a popular way to travel for many people in sunny Florida. When the weather permits, few things are as pleasant as taking a bike ride or even helping out the environment by forgoing cars and public transportation to bike to and from destinations like work.

However, like motorcycles, bicycles are extremely vulnerable in vehicular confrontations. Even the helmets that cyclists can choose to wear are not as heavily reinforced or sturdy as their motorcycle counterparts. And when cyclists are forced to share roads with vehicles because no dedicated bike lane is available in an area, the risk of accidents goes up significantly.

Pedestrian Accidents

Finally, last but certainly not least, pedestrian accidents are where the pedestrian is guaranteed to lose in every confrontation with another vehicle, including motorcycles and bicycles. Compared to the other modes of transport, the average pedestrian is incredibly vulnerable, with no protection from high impact collisions with other bodies that weigh hundreds of pounds, or even a few tons.

Unfortunately, it’s not just adults prone to pedestrian accidents; this can happen to children as well. The reasons are numerous, from children not exercising caution in their own neighborhoods and running across the road just as a driver obeying all traffic laws is driving down the road to careless drivers trying to make a turn before a light changes and not realizing a pedestrian is crossing the street, with right of way.

If you’ve been injured in a traffic accident and it was due to someone’s negligence in another vehicle, talk to a personal injury lawyer. If someone else is responsible for your injuries, they are legally obliged to compensate you, and a personal injury lawsuit can ensure you get what you deserve.

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The 5 Types Of Traffic Accidents

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