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The Basics Of Motorcycle Maintenance

There isn’t much that is as enjoyable as feeling the wind in your hair and a strong motorcycle underneath you! However, as much fun as it is to ride, it is crucial that you always keep up with proper maintenance to ensure your safety on the road. A bike that has not been well-maintained may end up having a mechanical issue that could end up risking your very life when you are out and about.

Keeping your bike in optimum condition:

  • Get to know your motorcycle!Read the handbook and make sure you understand its features, servicing requirements and the manufacturer’s advice on how best to care for it. You may even want to ask your seller for advice as well. A well-maintained bike will be more attractive to future buyers, but it will also keep you safer on the road.
  • Keep all maintenance up to date!Scheduled servicing is set out in the owner’s handbook and by planning ahead you can budget for the cost. That aside, keeping up with scheduled servicing will greatly decrease your chances of a malfunction later on. Planning ahead will also reduce any inconvenience of having your bike off the road unexpectedly.
  • Carry out basic maintenance checks!In order to keep the bike in an optimum condition between scheduled services. These checks also allow you to spot any warning signs before they become a major problem.

Basic checks include:

  • Operation of lights and horn;
  • Engine/transmission oil, clutch and brake fluid levels – any need for regular topping up is an indicator of a leak or other problem;
  • Tire condition and tread depth – any cuts to the tire needs to be attended to immediately as does tread worn unevenly or to the legal limit;
  • Check tire pressure regularly when the tires are cold. Under-inflation causes premature tire wear and poor handling;
  • Ensure the chain is correctly adjusted and lubricated with a purpose specific chain lubricant;
  • Operation of controls such as clutch and brake levers, mirrors, gear shift and switches. Adjust if necessary so that they are working properly and can be used comfortably
  • Adjust mirrors to provide the optimum field of vision to the rear and sides of the motorcycle. Careful positioning will reduce blind spots; and
  • Ensure any luggage racks, top-box, panniers or bags are secure and not rubbing on the bike’s mechanical or moving parts. Keep touring screens clear of bugs and smears.

As motorcycles age you are most likely to find that additional repair work is needed at service time. Make sure you advise the repairer that any additional work found during the service has to be authorized by you before they carry out the repair. This will eliminate disagreements when you go to collect the bike later on.

It can be tempting to skip servicing or essential repairs as the bike’s safety, but this greatly puts you at risk. Skipping services often leads to larger repair bills down the track. Choose your repairer carefully, if you decide to use an independent repairer rather than an approved dealer, make sure they have the necessary training and service tools to do the job. Only approved dealers can undertake warranty related work.

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The Basics Of Motorcycle Maintenance

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