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The Big Challenges Of Recovering From A Motorcycle Accident

Florida roads can be incredibly dangerous – not because of their design, but just because of the sheer volume of traffic that fills up on them. In fact, motorcycle crashes account for about 17 to 19 percent of all traffic related fatalities while only making up about 3 percent of crashes. That’s a big number, and it shows how dangerous these types of accidents can be.

Once you’re involved in a motorcycle related accident, recovery can be incredibly difficult. There are numerous challenges that just don’t exist in other types of accidents, or that do exist but are much more difficult or more complex because of the nature of the accident. Taking a closer look at some of these challenges is well worth doing for anyone – and so is learning how to overcome them.

  • Physical Injuries – Physical injuries are usually far more severe when caused by a motorcycle accident. The nature of the vehicle means that there is less to protect you. That is why many personal injury cases of this kind include things like paralysis, disability, TBI, or even wrongful death.
  • Financial Hardship – With serious injuries comes serious costs. Long term disability can lead to significant medical bills, but even worse it can mean that your source of income is gone. That translates to struggles staying out of debt, which in turn can create much more stress and difficulty focusing on your healing.
  • Proving Fault – Proving fault can be more difficult at times with a motorcycle accident. The key reasons are that motorcycles often leave fewer pieces of evidence related to accident causes – skid marks, for example. Still, a good lawyer and accident reconstructionist can often prove that the other party was at fault if it is indeed the case. It just takes more work.
  • Stress and Emotional Damage – The stress of a recovery has already been mentioned above, but it bears mentioning again. Simply put, it can be traumatic to heal from a serious injury and often there are numerous other stresses that add to your recovery. Things like financial concerns, physical therapy, and more can all play a role here and make it much more difficult to fully recovery.

Obviously, a good doctor and medical staff will be the foundation of what you need to move on and make your recovery move more smoothly. But beyond the physical factors there is a lot to consider, and as far as your financial future a good attorney could be the key to making sure that you’re able to get on your feet and stay there.

Our team has decades of experience working with injured people who were hurt in motorcycle related accidents. And with offices located in Bradenton, St Petersburg, Venice, and beyond, we’re always close by and ready to help. We’ve made it possible for hundreds of clients to get their finances in order after an accident, and are here for you too. Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation and find out more about what your options are.

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The Big Challenges Of Recovering From A Motorcycle Accident

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