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The Common Injuries Associated With ATV Accidents

While ATVs are most commonly thought of as a recreational vehicle, they’re also used in a lot of industries for work-related purposes. For instance, a farmer may use ATV vehicles to quickly get from one part of their property to another in order to tend to different livestock or crops. In Florida, ATV season is really all year long, and while a lot of fun is had with ATVs, there can be some dangers involved as well. ATVs, or all terrain vehicles, are popular choices for outdoorsy Florida families who are looking for fun toys to ride that don’t require the same kind of balance required by a dirt bike.

While an ATV is suitable for “all terrain”, this shouldn’t give the illusion of safety in all conditions or with all styles of riding. All riders on an ATV should wear a helmet and clothing that will protect them in the event of a crash. An ATV doesn’t have a roll-cage or seatbelts, and riders can quickly find themselves in an emergency situation if proper care isn’t taken.

It’s important to remember that the average ATV isn’t made for more than one rider, and it’s made to be driven a certain way to ensure safety and security. However, while some “have fun” on these vehicles, they may drive them recklessly, inappropriately, or with passengers the ATV is not equipped to handle. In these instances, it’s more likely that drivers or passengers may face injuries, and some of the most common injuries associated with ATV accidents are:

• Concussions – Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury, and these are very common for ATV riders. Most see the four wheels and “rugged” appearance and think that these vehicles are safe for use without a helmet, but no rider should use their ATV without being fully equipped and safe. A helmet should be worn at all times no matter the terrain or speed. A mild concussion may resolve itself within a few days to a week, while a more severe concussion can have permanent and devastating consequences.

• Broken bones – Broken bones are common when riders are thrown off of their ATVs. If a person is thrown off of their ATV and strike the ground, or their ATV lands on top of them after a fall, any number of bones in the body can break as a result. These broken bone cases can be as simple as a small hairline fracture, or as complex as a compound fracture requiring surgery and continued medical care.

• Spinal cord injuries – ATVs are relatively stable, that doesn’t mean they remain stable in all speeds and terrain. When an ATV rolls over, the rider or passengers may face devastating spinal cord injuries with lasting complications.

• Internal injuries – Not all injuries are visible from the surface. If your ATV rolls over, or if it lands on top of a person after they fall, they could face serious internal injuries. These can range from internal bruising to broken ribs and internal bleeding and will require emergency medical attention.

Compensation To Recover From Your Injuries

If an ATV accident or injury is caused by another party’s neglectful actions, you could be entitled to compensation to pay for your injuries, lost work, or permanent disability. With an experienced personal injury attorney at your side, you have your best opportunity for the compensation you need. If you’ve been in an ATV accident that has caused injuries, contact us at to learn more today.

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The Common Injuries Associated With ATV Accidents

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