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The Five Big Reasons A Lawyer Is A Must Following An Accident

Being involved in an accident can change your life in so many ways it’s hard to list them all. From the physical injuries to the emotional scars, there are a lot of challenges you’ll have to face after being injured. One thing that can help with some of them might surprise you – finding a good injury lawyer.

While it’s true that personal injury lawyers can get a bad rap from time to time thanks to unfair portrayals in the media and movies, the reality is that they can have a big impact on your life after being injured in an accident of any kind.

There are plenty of ways that this is true, but looking at five big reasons a lawyer is a must have for you after an accident can help showcase the key points worth knowing. Here’s a look at them.

  • 1. Initial Determinations – It starts before you even realize it – with just making sure that you actually have the ability to seek compensation. Many people assume that they are owed something when they actually don’t have a good chance of getting restitution. Wasting time and energy seeking compensation can be a huge drain on your life and end in disappointment. It’s good to begin by figuring out whether or not you should even proceed, and your lawyer will help you do so.
  • 2. Avoiding Bad Settlements – Settlement offers are often misunderstood by those who are offered them. Yes, a settlement is how most personal injury cases end up. But early settlement offers usually don’t factor in things like future medical costs or lost wages. That means that your initial settlement could really just be taking advantage of you. An attorney will review any settlement and ensure it’s what it should be.
  • 3. Better Final Result – The fact that you have someone working for you who understands the process means that you’ll be able to trust that the end result is better. That means a settlement will likely be larger thanks to the work of your attorney – and a larger settlement makes it easier to get back on your feet after an injury.
  • 4. Faster Conclusion – You’ll likely reach an end to your lawsuit faster as well. Without an attorney, insurance companies and the opposing legal team will often utilize tricks like continuing court dates and avoiding offering you settlements. The idea is usually to make it so that when they do offer you a settlement, you’ll take it no matter how low it is. But with a trial attorney on your side, that stops. They actually respect you and will start working to reach a settlement you can all agree on – otherwise it could be risky for them.
  • 5. Less Stress – Overall, just having an attorney on your side translates to less stress. Since your attorney is handling the hard work for you, you’re able to focus instead on things like healing and recovery instead of other issues. You’ll still need to make it to meetings and make final decisions, but the lawyer will handle almost everything for you so you can relax somewhat and focus your attention elsewhere. This makes a huge difference in a complex case.

These key points are just scratching the surface of why a personal injury lawyer is so vital for anyone injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault. They can help you get the compensation that you deserve so you can make a full recovery and get your life back where it should be. Contacting one as soon as possible after an accident should be one of your first priorities.

Michael J. Babboni's wide-ranging legal career is based on the strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and have access to effective legal help. Michael began putting his beliefs in action by helping the people of St. Petersburg Florida get what they are owed in civil trials fighting to protect families by making corporations pay, and honor their obligations.

The Five Big Reasons A Lawyer Is A Must Following An Accident

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