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The Four Primary Types Of Expert Witnesses In A Car Accident Case

The state of Florida uses a comparative negligence system to determine fault. That makes establishing liability especially challenging. One of the tools your attorney may use during your claim is testimony from expert witnesses. Expert witnesses are objective experts with specialized knowledge that can help you prove liability and win your case. Here are the four primary types of expert witnesses that your attorney may use in your car accident case.

Medical Experts

Your medical records can go pretty far. However, insurance companies will often argue that your family physician’s accounts are biased. A medical expert is an objective third party that has specialized knowledge of injuries and other medical conditions. They will review your medical records and then testify objectively about your condition. Typically they will provide information about the prognosis, expected recovery, and the types of treatments and their subsequent cost. They can also speak to how much pain and suffering your injury would cause a typical person.

Accident Reconstructionists

Accident reconstructionists are experts in auto accidents. They are trained to assess the available evidence and understand what happened. Accident reconstructionists look at the physics of the crash including the speed of the vehicles, the force of the impact, and the angles the vehicles were moving. They will then reconstruct the specifics of the accident using models, diagrams, and computer simulations to recreate your accident. They can help show the severity of the accident and connect it to your injuries. Like medical experts they are completely objective and can help people understand the facts surrounding the accident.

Highway Safety Experts

Highway safety experts are another type of objective expert witness that deals specifically with accidents. They typically engineers that specialize in roads, highways, and other motor vehicle transportation infrastructure. They also have a large knowledge base about state and federal guidelines concerning highway safety rules, regulations, and laws. Highway safety experts can testify about the road conditions leading to the accident. Highway safety experts are especially useful when it comes to accidents involving trucks because of the many regulations that apply.

Economists And Financial Experts

When it comes to accident injuries, there are a lot of costs involved. Many of these costs are very straightforward like medical bills. However, a lot of them are not so simple to understand. That is where an economist or financial expert comes in. They will look at your entire financial picture and assess the true value of damages owed to you. They will look at everything from the costs of a diminished earning capacity to the full value of your lost wages and benefits and weigh them against the expenses faced in the future due to your injuries. There is a lot that goes into the calculations including:

● Inflation and increased cost of living
● Loss of promotions and career advancement
● Fluctuations in the cost of medical care
● Loss of pension benefits and other investment opportunities

These are very complex calculations that require economics and financial expertise to truly understand.

Expert witnesses can be what makes or breaks your claim. It is important when hiring a personal injury attorney that you ask them about their network of expert witnesses. Truly experienced attorneys, like our team at Justice Pays has a broad array of expert witnesses they can utilize to help win your case. To learn more about our expert witnesses and the other tools that we use to help protect your right to a fair claim, call us at 1-833-954-1234. We offer a free case review and we’ll answer any questions you have about our available resources.

During his time as a public attorney for the State of Florida, Bernard Walsh developed a passion for defending the legal rights of Florida's citizens. Having seen many people being taken advantage of after being injured and the financial harm that can cause for families he committed himself fully to helping injured clients get justice, by fighting to make greedy insurance companies pay what they owe.

The Four Primary Types Of Expert Witnesses In A Car Accident Case

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