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The Lasting Effects Of Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries can be caused by another party’s negligence in any number of ways. For instance, slip and fall accidents, accidents at work, motorcycle accidents, and automobile accidents are all common causes of brain injuries, even those considered to be moderate or severe. Both moderate and sever traumatic brain injuries can have lasting effects, and the most important thing to remember about TBIs as a whole is that no two will be exactly the same.

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, will vary from individual to individual due to a number of factors. The severity of the initial injury will vary, the rate of physiological healing will vary, the types of functions affected by the injury will vary, and lastly the resources available to aid function will vary between individuals as well. What this means is that two individuals who have both experienced moderate traumatic brain injuries could have two very different experiences overall.

While each case is unique with traumatic brain injuries, there are some lasting effects with moderate to severe injuries that are common across the board.

Lasting Cognitive Effects

When a moderate to severe brain injury is experienced, the most common lasting effects have to do with cognitive abilities. Many individuals who have experienced these types of brain injuries find that sustaining attention, problem solving, memory, and learning new tasks do not come as easily as they once did, and completing these tasks requires more work and that they work more slowly. This can have a profound effect on the professional futures of those who have suffered a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, and can even lead to taking a permanent leave from their former careers.

With lasting therapy and medical attention, some with moderate traumatic brain injuries may learn coping mechanisms and new techniques that allow them to improve these aspects of their lasting injuries. For these individuals, they may be able to return to former careers after a long period of recovery and “re-learning” once effortless skills.

Lasting Mood And Behavioral Effects

After sustaining a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury a person may change from who they were before the accident occurred, and their personality may be subtly or dramatically modified. When the systems that control our social and emotional selves within the brain are injured, these systems can change, leading to permanent changes in how we handle ourselves and our behavior. The most difficult part for those suffering from moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries effecting mood and personality is that they aren’t aware of how they’ve changed, making ongoing therapy and remediation of behavioral problems difficult.

Lasting Effects On Vision And Balance

In some cases of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, lasting effects can impose themselves on the vision and balance systems of the brain, leading to physical disability. After a car accident, for example, a person may experience such changes as blurred vision, inability to track images, reduced depth perception, and disconnection between perception and comprehension, causing them to permanently lose their ability to drive. Alongside visual problems or alone, some may experience ringing in the ears, vertigo, and continued balance problems.

A moderate to severe traumatic brain injury can affect any system within the body, and even cause lasting seizures, loss of bladder control, or complete loss of appetite in some. The ongoing medical care required of moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries is costly, making it imperative that those who have been injured in an accident receive the settlement they deserve.

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The Lasting Effects Of Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

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