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The Long Term Impact Of Suffering A Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Moderate to severe brain injuries are surprisingly simple to obtain. In slip and fall accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents, they can happen at the blink of an eye. What many don’t realize until its too late is just what type of impact these injuries have on a person’s life. Hitting one’s head in a Florida car accident and suffering a concussion can lead to a lifetime of care.

Recovery through physical therapy and rehabilitation can help those who have suffered from a moderate to severe brain injury to recoup some of their old lives, but this isn’t the universal standard and their abilities may remain limited. This prolonged therapy can also grow costly, which makes it important that those who have suffered such injuries due to another party’s negligence seek the compensation they deserve.

The Long-Term Symptoms Simplified

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and for this reason no two traumatic brain injuries are exactly the same. While one person may suffer a moderate traumatic brain injury and enjoy a full recovery, others may not be so lucky. Some of the simplified long-term symptoms often seen with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries include:

• Motor deficits – Motor deficits have to do with issues involving movement. Some of the motor deficits suffered by those suffering the long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury are paralysis, spasticity, trouble walking, trouble talking, trouble swallowing, and loss of fine motor skills. These motor deficits may cause a person to permanently lose their career or their ability to live and function on their own.

• Widespread physical effects – The physical effects suffered after a traumatic brain injury can be vast and varied. A person may experience chronic pain stemming from nerve damage or damage to pain sensors, numbness, changes in appetite, loss of bladder and bowel control, seizures, difficulty maintaining body temperature, and changes to hormone balance.

• Cognitive difficulties – Because the brain is our thinking center, an injury to the brain can have a number of cognitive effects. Those who have suffered a moderate to severe brain injury may experience difficulty keeping attention or focus, distractibility, slow thought processing, problems with short or long-term memory, confusion, impulsiveness, difficulty with language processing, and difficulty with executive functions. Not only do these cognitive problems have a huge impact on a person’s ability to retain a career, but they can also hinder social skills and ability to maintain relationships.

• Speech and language effects – In some instances, those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may experience difficulty with their speech and language, even if their other cognitive functions remain healthy and intact. A person may experience slurred speech, a change in speech speed, an inability to find the correct word to express themselves, and difficulty with reading comprehension.

• Sensory effects – Sensory effects are also common with traumatic brain injuries. These changes to any of the 5 senses can strain everyday life in ways both big and small. Some sensory changes experienced after a traumatic brain injury may include loss of vision, blurred vision, hearing loss, tinnitus, difficulty perceiving temperature, difficulty recognizing touch sensations, lost sense of taste, diminished sense of smell, bad taste in mouth, and overall difficulty in discerning information gained through the five senses.

Getting Back To Life After A Florida Traumatic Brain Injury

For those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury through any type of Florida accident, getting back to a normal life is a big priority. For many, normal refers to a new normal, but a normal that allows them to enjoy their lives once again. This can only be accomplished through prolonged medical intervention and assistance, which can grow costly and overwhelming without necessary compensation.

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The Long Term Impact Of Suffering A Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

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