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The Mental And Emotional Effects Of A Car Accident

After suffering a car accident, what most people focus on most is the physical injury aspect. Broken bones, soft tissue injuries, surgeries, medical bills, and all other physical effects take center stage, but that doesn’t mean mental and emotional effects aren’t just as important. Just as a broken leg can cause you to have to take time off from work, so can suffering PTSD or anxiety also caused by the accident at hand.

This ignoring of mental health isn’t only by those not directly involved in the accident. All too often, those who have suffered in the accident ignore the impact of these mental and emotional symptoms as well. Just as a person should visit a hospital to get evaluated physically for injuries and impacts, they should also seek out a mental health professional to ensure their mental state is healing just as well. Your professional Florida personal injury attorney will be able to direct you to resources and solutions that help you to not only regain your mental health, but seek compensation for these serious damages as well.

Common Mental Health Symptoms After A Florida Car Accident

The mental effects of a car accident can lead to a variety of different symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms experienced after a car accident include:

• Anxiety – Anxiety is a common side effect of extreme stress, and this includes the extreme stress felt after a Florida car accident. This anxiety may not feel as though it is directly related to the car accident, and it could be felt in different ways like feeling panicky at a store, scared to leave your home, or being short-tempered with loved ones. In other cases, it could manifest as a person experiencing extreme stress at the thought of getting back behind the wheel, or going near the accident site.

• Sleep problems – A car accident leaves a big imprint on the mind, and it seems that the more serious the accident, the larger the imprint will be. One way this imprint may manifest is through sleep problems, and experiencing nightmares when one does finally fall asleep. These nightmares may be related directly to the accident, or seemingly unrelated, which may make them a bit more difficult to pinpoint to a cause.

• Depression – Experiencing a car accident in Florida can change your life, and change it in what seems like just seconds. This may mean losing your ability to partake in your favorite activities, losing your career, or experiencing uncomfortable physical symptoms you’ve never felt before, and these are all circumstances that can lead to depression.

The Impact Of Your Symptoms

While these are just some of the most common mental health symptoms one may experience after a Florida car accident, they’re also some of the most disruptive to your life. Mental health and physical health are closely intertwined, and when problems arise in either you may experience a multitude of changes. Difficulties keeping relationships, loss of work, loss of hobbies you once loved, financial stress, and needing to relearn to do things that once came easy are just some impacts injured parties often suffer with.

If you’ve been injured in a Florida car accident, and these injuries include those of the emotional or mental variety as well as physical, your Florida personal injury attorney can help. To learn more about the mental effects of a car accident in Florida, contact us at today.

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The Mental And Emotional Effects Of A Car Accident

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