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The Most Common Injuries Sustained In Florida Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are some of the most devastating accidents experienced on Southwest Florida roads. Typically caused by traveling at high rates of speed, failing to navigate a curve in the roadway, or driving too quickly in wet conditions, these accidents can lead to a number of injuries. While many rollover accidents are single vehicle accidents caused by a driver’s own negligence an impact at a high rate of speed or a driver drifting into another lane can lead to rollover accidents as well. Regardless of the cause of the accident catastrophic injuries can still be experienced. Some of the most common injuries seen in rollover auto accidents in the state of Florida are:

• Deep lacerations – Rollover crashes will often break all of the windows in a vehicle, which leads to broken glass traveling at high rates of speed from all directions. This will often cause deep lacerations to the face, arms, legs, chest, neck, and any other exposed area. These lacerations will typically require stitches, sometimes surgery, and often antibiotics to protect an injured person from infection.

• Broken bones – The way the body is thrown during a rollover crash will often result in broken bones. In some instances, this may mean a small fracture to a finger or toe, but for a motorist not wearing a seatbelt this can lead to far more devastating breaks. Broken bones will require months of treatment, time taken from work, and sometimes surgery to ensure a complete recovery.

• Internal injuries – Internal injuries aren’t seen, they may not even be felt straight away, but they are serious injuries that often require prolonged recovery. These internal injuries are typically caused by the blunt force trauma the body goes through during a rollover crash, as their body collides with the center console, shifter, steering wheel, doors, or dashboard. Checking for internal injuries is an important part of a medical evaluation after a rollover crash has occurred.

• Traumatic brain injuries – If a minor case of whiplash can lead to a minor traumatic brain injury, one can imagine the damage a dangerous rollover crash can do. Hitting your head on any surface in the vehicle or being thrown violently as the car rolls can lead to traumatic brain injury and these are some of the most difficult injuries to treat. A severe traumatic brain injury can be fatal or life-altering.

• Spinal cord injuries – Spinal cord injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, can be complicated to treat and life-altering. A spinal cord injury to the cervical spine can leave a motorist or passenger paralyzed from the neck down, while other spinal cord injuries may leave those suffering with lifelong pain and disability.

What To Do If You’ve Been In A Rollover Accident

If you’ve been in a rollover accident due to another party’s negligence your damages will likely extend beyond your PIP, or personal injury protection, insurance limit. In these instances you may pursue a lawsuit against the negligent driver in order to collect compensation for the remainder of your damages. If you do plan to pursue a personal injury lawsuit after a rollover accident, it’s crucial to have an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney at your side.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in the Sarasota / Bradenton area on Florida’s west coast, contact the personal injury attorneys who have won more than $500 million dollars for their clients, and get your free case review today.

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The Most Common Injuries Sustained In Florida Rollover Accidents

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