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The Subtle Signs Of “Mild” Traumatic Brain Injury

The Subtle Signs Of ‘Mild’ Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, a serious medical condition that results from traumatic force directed towards the brain that causes damage to the brain cells. Since the brain is responsible for everything that happens within our bodies and with everything our bodies do, TBI can manifest itself in a large variety of different ways. The most distressing part of TBIs is that those with the injury will most likely have to live with their effects since brain cells cannot regenerate.

While you may believe that brain damage would be easy to detect, mild TBI can manifest itself is very subtle ways.

Is There Such A Thing As ‘Mild’ Traumatic Brain Injury?

In order for doctors and researchers to identify the extent of the damage and disability caused by TBI, there is a grading system used that designates cases of TBI into very specific categories. While there are some cases of traumatic brain injury that are relatively more ‘mild’ compared to a more extensive TBI conditions, it does not mean that the ‘mild’ cases are any less severe or complicated than cases of moderate to severe TBI.

However, while ‘mild’ cases are just as serious, they do tend to be more challenging to detect than those with moderate or severe TBI.

What Are The Subtle Signs Of ‘Mild’ Traumatic Brain Injury?

By understanding the symptoms of ‘mild’ TBI with the help of your doctor, you will have a better idea of the extent of your injury and what kind of treatment will be necessary for your recovery and care. Not to mention that knowing the signs will help you spot the injury quicker so you can seek out immediate treatment and care.

Here are just a few common symptoms of ‘mild’ TBI you should be on the lookout for after you or a loved one has hit their head:

  • Constant headaches and dizziness
  • Confusion and difficulty with everyday tasks
  • Memory issues or loss
  • Poor concentration
  • Irritability and low frustration tolerance
  • Anxiety and depressed mood
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Oversensitivity to lights and sounds
  • Nausea or vomiting

If you suspect that you or a loved one might have TBI after a hit to the head, you should take them to the doctor immediately. All cases of TBI are serious in nature and neglecting to seek medical treatment could worsen the condition. Additionally, moderate and sometimes even severe cases of traumatic brain injury may only seem mild at first. That is why immediate care is so important after someone has injured their head.

What Is The Difference Between ‘Mild’ Traumatic Brain Injury And Concussions?

For the most part, mild TBI and concussions are the same injury under a different name. Though some experts use concussion as a way to describe temporary loss of brain function while mild TBI has more permanent side effects.

Additionally, the difference in label can also refer to the type of treatment used for you or your loved one’s brain injury.

What Happens If You Have Had Multiple Concussions/’Mild’ Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Unlike with other types of injury, mild TBI tends to build on each other even if you had made a full recovery. As previously mentioned, any injury to the brain cannot be fully healed. Even if your lost functions return to you later on, the damage remains. In fact, it can make your brain much more sensitive to additional blows and increase the amount of brain injury an individual will suffer with. That is why sports like football can really take a toll on its players, as they often receive multiple hits to the head throughout their career.

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The Subtle Signs Of “Mild” Traumatic Brain Injury

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