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The Top Three Causes Of Traffic Accidents In Sarasota

Sarasota now deals with greater traffic as the population and urban density increase. More and more people are finding themselves on roads that weren’t necessarily anticipating this level of traffic, and the result is more accidents. However, accidents, while random, happen for a reason. Three factors affect why and how traffic accidents occur, which can be divided across different factors.

The Environment

There are no predicting things like weather or environmental occurrences, such as construction, that can impact the surroundings. In many cases, an accident occurs not because of human error or a manufacturing defect but because of something in the environment that a driver may not know about or can’t compensate for.

Slick roads are one of the most common causes of environmental factors causing an accident. While Florida doesn’t have to worry about icy roads the way more northern parts of the USA do, roads can still get slick due to factors like excessive rain and, in some cases, even debris on the street, reducing traction. Slippery roads result in less responsive braking, which can cause collisions of drivers expecting to come to a halt faster than the road conditions allow.

Slick roads can also cause vehicles to slide, their momentum carrying them in the current direction rather than turning into the new direction as intended. This can also cause collisions, especially at intersections where other cars will be traveling in the opposite direction simultaneously.

Vehicle Defects

Other circumstances can cause motor vehicle accidents when vehicles fail to perform as specified, through no fault of the driver. Brakes failing is a dramatic example, but a driver can’t be expected to drive carefully and safely if the brakes no longer work.

However, while brake failure is a common reason for vehicle defects, it is actually the second most common factor. The most common reason for a vehicle defect to result in an accident is actually a problem with tires. Tread separation is the most common cause of tire failure. This is where the rubber portion of the tire, which contains the treads and grooves that grip the road, detaches itself from the rest of the tire.

Tread separation can be caused by a manufacturing defect, too much wear and tear, tires used well past their recommended expiration date, or even driving too fast over a pothole. Tread separation almost always results in a sudden loss of control, as the car no longer responds to steering input the intended way.

Driver Error

This is, by far and perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common cause of accidents on the road. Accidents are usually preventable if a driver responds appropriately to the situation. Failure to respond is where the accident happens.
For driver error, the top cause of accidents is what is referred to as “driver recognition.” This means that the driver failed to recognize an accident and did not respond or respond too late. The most common example of this is distracted driving, where drivers are paying attention to something else, such as responding to a text message on the phone, which means they are not looking at the road and do not even see the accident situation occurring, or that they are the cause of it until it is too late.

The second most common driver error is a decision error, which means the driver makes a choice that is either risky or outright unsafe. Deciding to speed up as a traffic light turns yellow, hoping to beat the red light and avoid stopping is a typical example of a decision error that can result in an accident.

If you’ve ever been injured in an accident, and your injury is both significant and not your fault, it may be time to talk to an auto accident attorney about your compensation options.

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The Top Three Causes Of Traffic Accidents In Sarasota

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