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There May Be More Than One Person Responsible In A Vehicular Injury

The general belief in a vehicular accident and subsequent injury is that things are pretty simple and direct. If you get into an accident and you get injured and someone else is responsible that person is going to be the other driver. In many cases this is true. But in just as many as many cases, this is true, BUT there may be other parties that can also be held responsible.

Negligence Is Just The Start

The first stop in a case of negligent driving that causes injury will always be the other driver, but that other driver may only be one of a few other stops. There may sometimes be a long chain of responsibility that goes beyond the driver to other parties, and, in an investigation of a personal injury case, an experienced lawyer will advise you to get to the bottom of the incident and find out just how far the chain goes.

If the act of negligent driving occurs during work hours, and the party responsible for the accident was driving for work related reasons, the employer may also be responsible in part for the accident. And while it is still a relatively new area, this can also apply to ride-share schemes like Uber and Lyft and their drivers. Both Uber and Lyft drivers are insured, but there may be specific conditions that apply to any claims against their insurers.

Taking another tack, if the driver is a teenager, the parents may hold some responsibility in the injury. While the parents may in fact be liable, there’s still a question of whether their insurance will include this kind of coverage. This applies to car ownership in general, where if someone is borrowing another person’s car and gets into an accident with it, the car owner may have some responsibility. Florida is in fact the only state in the USA that extends the responsibility of negligent driving to the person that allowed a negligent driver access to a car. They may be responsible for up to $100,000 per person, $300,000 per incident, and up to $500,000 for property damage. This sense of ownership extends as well to spouses driving cars that don’t belong to them, although there may be some complications and additional circumstances regarding how the insurance coverage would work in this situation.

Looking at the vehicles themselves, there is a chance that these may also factor into responsible parties. If, for example, the accident happens as a result of a car’s performance being compromised by a poor repair job, the repair shop that made the faulty repair may have to answer for the poor quality of their job. If there is a defect inherent to the car itself, the manufacturer may have to answer for damages. In some cases, it has been the tire manufacturer that was called on to take some responsibility for damages. Sometimes the problem may not be with the driver, but with the hardware they were using, and these are the parties largely responsible in such cases.

All of these outcomes can only be discovered through diligent, tireless investigation. If you are unwilling to look past the initial shock of wanting to blame only the driver, you may not just be missing out on discovering the real truth of your accident, you may be letting the people truly responsible avoid answering for their irresponsible act.

This is why in a serious vehicle accident, you should always consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. These are people that have not just the knowledge and experience, but the calm, level head that is understandably more difficult for you to maintain at such a challenging time. By consulting with a personal injury lawyer like those at, you don’t just get valuable advice, you get a valuable ally that will help you get to the truth of what happened to you, and resolve the matter so you get what you deserve.

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There May Be More Than One Person Responsible In A Vehicular Injury

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