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Tips For Household Injury Prevention

There are many hazards around your home that can cause accidents. With these simple tips, you can go room by room to prevent common household injuries.


Slips and falls are very common in bathrooms. In your tub or shower, it is a good idea to install a bathmat or bath stickers to prevent falls. If you are elderly or have a disability, you should install a handrail in the shower. Also the water from your shower and sink can spill onto the floor causing a slipping hazard, so you should lay bath mats or rugs anywhere water can present a danger.


It’s easy to bang your head on kitchen cabinet doors, so it’s a good idea to look at installing self-closing hinges. You also want to always be careful around the stove even when it has been off for a while. A good set of potholders can prevent any burns. If your stove is older you should look at getting an anti-tip system so when you open the oven door the stove does not fall on top of you. If you store things in high cabinets you want to always use a step stool with a handrail. Also since kitchen floors are often hard surfaces they can present a slipping hazard. Make sure you clean up after any spills, even with non-liquids like flours, sugar, or rice.

Living Room

Area rugs can present a tripping hazard. When you lay down an area rug, make sure that you place a gripping rug mat underneath to keep the edges flat. You can also use double-sided tape. You also want to be careful about where your cords are located. Exposed lamps cord, televisions cables, and other electrical cords can present a serious tripping hazard. If you have a bookshelf, it is a good idea to install an anti-tip device or attach the shelving unit directly to the wall.


Bedrooms can be very dangerous first thing in the morning because you aren’t fully awake. It is very common to stub your toe or trip, so it’s a good idea to keep your possessions off the floor and maintain a distance of at least 18 inches between furniture pieces so you have room to walk. Also a common fixture in bedrooms is a ceiling fan, make sure that you hang your ceiling fan above your height level so you do not bang your head.


Garages are another place with a large slipping hazard. If there are automotive liquids or water from outside, clean them up immediately so you don’t fall. Also if you are using your garage for storage, make sure to safely secure all shelving units so they do not tip. Do not ever stack boxes randomly because they could fall on top of you.

These are just a few of that hazards in your house that could lead to injury. If you go through your house carefully and look for these hazards you can prevent injury. Also if you take care during your day to day activities, you can easily prevent the most common household accidents.

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Tips For Household Injury Prevention

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