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Tips To Make Every Driver’s Commute A Little Safer

Close to 20 million residents call Florida home. Additionally, research from eTags shows that there are over 14 million vehicles registered in the state. Of course, the location is also a favorite tourist destination. So, along with the citizens driving around, there are plenty of new motorists hitting the streets daily. Although the additions create some congestion, nobody should be complaining. These people spend money on gas, hotels, and numerous other things, which keep the economy thriving.

Still, because of the extra traffic, more accidents are sure to happen. A study by DMV Florida reveals that there were 395,785 crashes in 2016. That is equivalent to 1081 collisions per day during the period. Unfortunately, when incidents occur, people usually sustain injuries too. Car crash damages include but are not limited to…

• Death
• Burns, Scrapes, Punctures, And Bruises
• Broken And Fractured Bones
• Brain Injuries

The wounded person or their family is often left with bills piling up. They have to pay for an ambulance ride and emergency room visit at the time. Plus, the individual typically has to miss some time from work to recover while attending doctor and physical therapy appointments. He or she does not have any money coming in because of this action, but the expenses don’t stop. Instead, they accumulate on top of rent, utilities, car notes, and more. The entire situation can seem dire, and it regularly leads to the person turning to the legal system for help.

How Can An Attorney Assist A Car Crash Victim?

Proving fault in an auto accident is not always cut and dry. Sometimes, signs and indicators of who is to blame are not present. Thus, the ordeal can turn into he said/she said type of argument. A lawyer obtains police and insurance reports, collects witness statements, and does a variety of other tasks to determine which party is responsible. They build a case to help the victim recover compensation for their damages. People should not view the legal system as a get-rich-quick scheme, but the financial restitution is ideal for ensuring that they can pay for the things they need to recover fully.

Useful Advice For A Safer Driving Experience

• Pay Attention To Road Construction Signs

Aside from telling a driver the speed limit or that there is a curve ahead in the roadway, signs warn of ongoing construction. These developments can creep up on a person quickly if they are distracted. Failing to see a lane closure could lead to them running into a barricade, sideswiping another vehicle, or even hitting one of the workers. Most folks would rather avoid these situations altogether, so be careful, and be on the lookout for the notices.

• Stay Calm And Share The Streets With Others

It is easy for drivers to become frazzled when motorists cut them off or ride close to their rear end. However, getting in a stressed out and anxious state doesn’t help anyone. In fact, it can actually make a person over-correct or miscalculate and cause an accident. So, slow down, take some deep breaths and remain cool while behind the wheel. Not only will this make operating your vehicle safer, but it will also cut down on road rage incidents.

During his time as a public attorney for the State of Florida, Bernard Walsh developed a passion for defending the legal rights of Florida's citizens. Having seen many people being taken advantage of after being injured and the financial harm that can cause for families he committed himself fully to helping injured clients get justice, by fighting to make greedy insurance companies pay what they owe.

Tips To Make Every Driver’s Commute A Little Safer

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